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We're Moving!

23 March 2015

It happened fast, but we found a great rental deal so we snagged it, and are moving next week! This is just another temporary move for us. Jared graduates (Wake Forest MBA) later this year, and who knows where job opportunities will take us after that; so we just wanted to move somewhere nearby so we wouldn't have to make too many new changes. By "close by" I wasn't thinking down the street...but hey it worked out and I'm glad we get to stay in the same neighborhood we are in now. What a blessing!

Kyler started a little preschool program 2 mornings a week down the street, and I use those mornings as my "errand" days. I feel like I'm starting to get this twin thing down! For example, when I'm out and about and the babies are hungry and need diaper changes, I discovered that if I sit backwards in between the seats on the console... I can nurse one baby and play with other baby simultaneously, and Kyler's carseat makes an excellent changing station! hah.

 They are getting so big!

Spring has arrived here in Charlotte, and we've been spending many afternoons at the park!

The twins love these little baby carriers, and are so content being carried around while I do chores.

This is a typical "Ryan look". Always looks like he is concentrating :)

Kyler is pretty good at getting the babies to giggle! I love watching their sibling relationships grow.

Jared knows that if he gets something delicious at the grocery store (cookies/candy) he has to hide it from me and Kyler...otherwise it will be gone by the time he gets home from work! Sometimes I accidentally stumble upon it...other times we look for it on purpose :D

Freshly bathed babes in snug fitting jammies ahhh I could munch on them all day!

A good friend gave us this baby bathtub. I set both the twins in for fun, and started to laugh... then they both laughed back at me! I wasn't expecting them to realize it was funny. Anyway, this pic was after the fact, but I wanted to remember that moment :)

Three Months

09 March 2015

I'm not quite sure how it happened,  but the twins are somehow already 3 months old! 

Things are getting easier around here (they both slept a solid 10 hrs last night without waking up!) but at the same time, having twins is definitely still a challenge! I love a good challenge though. Especially challenges that look this cute!

Kyler really loves his brother and sister, and I love watching their relationships grow and develop. The twins are seeming more "durable" (more baby less newborn) these days, and Kyler is loving getting to hold them more.
I love that I didn't tell him to kiss her ^^^ he just does!
They've been eating about every 2.5-3 hrs for 15-25 minutes a session during the day- so I'm glad that they nurse at the same time. Otherwise, I don't think I would be able to get anything done! It can be exhausting at times...but I love this special bonding time we three have together. Every once in a while they will catch eye contact with each other while nursing and just gaze into each other's eyes. I dieee when this happens; its too cute. Also they've held hands a few times after nursing, probably accidentally, but I still think it's adorable.

Occasionally, they'll also both still fall asleep while nursing, and I'll just sit there and watch them sleep for a while, but they've been napping in their room for the most part.

Last time we went to the doctor, they both weighed in around 12lbs, which is good sized for twins! They are getting rolls to prove it.
Lyla's Thighs:

Ryan's arms:

This little one has desperately been trying to find her thumb lately. Luckily she keeps it tucked in her gripped hand most of the time, and does not succeed.

Kyler picked out the twin's clothes the other day and helped me dress them...yikes. Terrible outfit choices haha.

Big brother chats:

Lets talk again about how unfair it is that daddy always gets the best smiles. I took the top two pictures by myself... Then Jared walks in the room and they give me the bottom two smiley pictures.

Oh well. Jared may get better smiles, but I got Ryan to giggle for the first time :D

Some adorable Siik Bows on my sick kids

25 February 2015

We might be sick here, but at least we're sick in style thanks to Siik Bows .

No, but really. These bows are so cute!
I think they actually kind of look alike in this picture. Yes?
I really do love having a baby girl to play dress up with. Headbands/bows are so fun!
They are handmade by Tiffany, and I love them!

One thing I love about her shop is that a portion of the profits are given to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Southern Florida (an organization that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions) - so sweet!

I'm so thankful that nothing we have going on here is life-threatening, and especially thankful for modern day medicine! I went to three doctor's appointments today. One for Lyla, one for Ryan, and one for myself.

 Lyla's was a follow-up from earlier this week. She got bronchiolitis over the weekend, and it caused her airway to tighten (making it difficult for her to breath) so she is still on the Nebulizer/breathing treatments for another week or so.

They got weighed at the doctor's today...and the heavy weight champion in the 11 week old category goes to.. Lyla-Belle at 12lbs even. Followed closely by her (older by 2 minutes) brother...Ryan-Cole weighing in at 11lbs 14oz!

Yesterday, Ryan started getting the same cough that Lyla had, and he also had a strange rash the past couple of days that started with a patch of dots on his belly that scabbed over 2 days later, and then he has been getting more of these little dots on his legs and I even noticed one on his ear..., so I decided to take him to the doctor as well today. Sure enough, his cough is bronchiolitis too. And the rash? Oh, it's just Chickenpox! Not related to the bronchiolitis at all, just coincidince he has both at the same time. Our pediatrician actually acted kind of excited to see it. Apparently, it's rare these days. He pulled in a few other doctors to come in and look at Ryan's Chickenpox too, and I could hear him talking about it in the hall when we left. We have no idea who he got the Chickenpox from. The Doctor said he most likely got it from somebody 10-14 days ago. Chickenpox is extremely contagious (and tricky, because you are contagious with the Chickenpox before you even know you have it-a few days before the rash appears). Ryan will be contagious until all of the pox have scabbed over (he said about 10-12 more days for Ryan because he is still getting new ones). We will be staying quarantined in our house until then! The doctor said Lyla might not get it (not everybody does) but there's a good possibility that she will. Babies can't receive the chickenpox vaccine until they are 12 months. Kyler had the vaccine so he's good, and Jared and I have already had the Chickenpox too. We just don't want anyone else who hasn't had it... to get it! Ryan is fine, but the doctor said it's important that we keep him away from pregnant women, and other people with immune system problems. So we will be staying at home for the next 2 weeks, to play it safe!

On top of all of this, I had to visit the doctor today too.  I've had Mastitis the past three weeks. I had been trying home remedies, and they would work for a few days, and then I would get sick again. So I finally gave in (I was just tired of being in pain and feeling sick!) and went to the doctor. I got mildly scolded for not coming in sooner haha, but I'm now on antibiotics and on the mend!

I think it's safe to say our house has had its' fair share of sickness for the year. Here's to hoping we all get better quick!

Valentines on Topsail

21 February 2015

We had a great time at the beach with friends last weekend! However, it was FREEZING and I only made it out onto the actual beach once. I honestly can't think of a time that it has ever been that cold and windy there. Oh well, vacation is vacation with this view, right?

The kids had a blast playing together. 

...but lots of friends also equals lots of time-outs. This is by far the best glare I've ever received.

Kyler usually sleeps in the closet at the beach...he calls it "his room" haha. We found him asleep like this one night- as if the closet floor wasn't already comfortable enough.
He would wear those Christmas jamies all day everyday if I would let him. He puts them back on the minute they come out of the dryer.
The sweet babes. 

The twins are 10 weeks old! I love these onesies from TickleMeBabee!

We spent valentines day on Topsail. The kids did a little craft...

...and we had dinner at one of our family's fav restaurants. It was Ryan and Lyla's first time (of many, I'm sure).

I tried to gulp down the pizza as fast as I could so we could make it back in time for the sunset, but we still didn't make it in time. We ended up just going across the street to the boardwalk to let the kids play at the park... which probably ended up being my favorite part of the trip.

Valentines smooch

We rushed home on Monday so that Jared could make it to his evening class at Wake Forest (MBA program) but as soon as we got home, they sent an email out to the student body saying that class was cancelled due to the weather. I was surprised that we actually did get (a tiny bit) of snow/ice.

I took Kyler out sledding on the golf course behind our house, and he loved it! 

This picture doesn't show it, but this little lady, has been pretty fussy lately- she has a little cough :(

Twin bro is always so mellow.
Man they are growing so fast.

Two months!

10 February 2015

These two are 2 months and are starting to smile and coo when we talk to them...oh I LOVE this stage!


...and then 2 minutes of picture taking and they were DONE!

Their 2 month check-up went well! Ryan is 11 pounds 4 ounces and Lyla is 10 pounds 13 ounces. Both are 22 inches long. I can't remember the exact head measurements, but Lyla's was 1 cm bigger.
Kyler was hilarious at the appointment and kept trying to tell the doc what to do! Jared had to work, so my friend Kristine helped me out at their appointment and was a life saver! It was so sad when they got their shots....2 screaming babies ahhh!

We played at Sports Connection last weekend with some good friends, and Kyler had a blast! 

Snuck a stalker pic on the way into church on Sunday... love this view :D

Why do dad's always get the best smiles? Pretty sure I'm the one that keeps these two fed everyday haha.
Sock hands everyday ^^

Lastly, check out this cute little anklet on this adorable tiny foot!

I seriously love these little bracelet/anklets. They are adjustable so they are easy to get on and off, and can expand as your baby grows! They are by PrettybyJL ...check it out. She's so friendly and processes and ships orders so quickly! I'm a fan.
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