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Hello again!

05 February 2016

Whoops! It's been a while since I've posted on here! I missed Christmas and the whole month of January. Realistically, I can't go back and write about all of the little details that I want, but this is the most journaling I do, so I will do my best to recap the big stuff :)

Christmas happened. This was probably my favorite year yet with Kyler being 5. He was deep in imagination land. Some of our friends from church play "Mr. and Ms. Claus" as their jobs in December, and they came over one night after working in their costumes. Kyler LOVED it. The twins? Not so much...

Santa in our house (santa app) 

Kyler only asked for two things for Christmas... an "up" balloon and a silver ring like daddy's. He got both and then Santa threw in a few bonus gifts. Lyla loves her dolly and Ryan loves his new soft bunny blanket (dang didn't get a picture of all of the gifts whoops and also missing are our pictures from Christmas at Jared's families house acting out the nativity... must be on Jared's phone)

I took a few pics of the twinzies too...I'm a sucker for cloth diaper pics if you can't tell.

New Year's Eve was spent with family...and the karaoke machine. Kyler has Vanilla Ice down. Lyla woke up a few minutes before midnight (again just like last year as a newborn.).

New Years day we left the kids and went hiking in the snow to Doughnut Falls with the Jagers. Gosh it was so fun.

The snow has been pretty, but I'm still not used to it and HATE it. I just want to take my babies outside to play! Instead we are cooped up inside all day :(

Because we go stir crazy easily, we've taken lots of trips to the Curiosity Museum.

...and have been trying to plan more playdates...

We also go to the gym everyday. Mostly to get out of the house :) Sometimes we are a little redneck and bring the twins in the jammies they've worn all day. I love all of the teachers!

Kyler was "mad" at Lyla one day in the car (she probably wasn't looking at him when he wanted lol) and I heard him say "This is you Lyla and your crazy hair!!" in a very grumpy voice. I turned around and saw his picture... too funny!

Ryan and Lyla turned 13 months!

The twins had their one year check up finally (at 13.5 months months) They are both 19lbs (5%for Ry and 19% for Ly) They also had to do an iron test where they pricked their toes... I didn't realize that Lyla's toe was apparently gushing blood all over my pants (khaki's of course). Yup, that was embarrassing.

Kyler went through a phase where he wanted to match Jared all of the time... it was cute :) I said, the kids and I live in PJs most days, I don't remember why I had real clothes and hair done on this particular day but obviously I wanted it documented bahaha:

I started working a little part time job from home for Alva Baby. ( their biggest item is their cloth diapers, but right now I'm mostly working on their newest product... bibs:

Kyler finally learned how to write his name! I say finally, because of course he probably could have written his name YEARS ago had he wanted to... but he was never interested in writing! I tried not to push him and let him learn when he was ready, and BAM he has really taken off these past few months with writing and reading! I'm so proud of him. 

With church at 11am (instead of 9am) this year, we've actually been better at getting there on time!

Then our house got hit with the sickies. Fevers, Colds, Strep throat, Teething. It's been fun :) 

 Oh, and one last picture of my messy babies, because cleaning their messes is my life right now, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Our Twins are ONE!

17 December 2015

I re-read the twins birth story last week, and bawled my eyes out. That first year flew by. 

While I was taking the twin's one year pictures, Jared and my Brother inlaw and nieces and nephews, tried out the hot spring! They said it was awesome and so warm...guess I'll have to get in next time :p

Kyler was in HEAVEN with all of the balloons we had around on their birthday week.

We got our first snow this week!

Kyler has had a stomach bug the last few days, but is finally starting to feel better.

He has been asking to drink out of a baby bottle lately. Too funny, this kid!

Ryan and Lyla occasionally nap in the same bed when we aren't at home...I found her laying on his legs :) perhaps it's time to invest in a second packNplay!

I change out their sheets and blankets every few days. That blue fuzzy blanket sat in the laundry basket for a several days before I finally got around to washing it. After I pulled it out of the dryer and Ryan saw it, he immediately giggled and rubbed his face in it. I hadn't realized he was so attached to it! I'll have to be sure to wash and return immediately from now on ;) I love when babies get attached to things. 
Speaking of attached...he can't get enough of that sparkly binky! 

Our cloth diaper stash is still growing! I love all these colors :)

The twins were newborns last Christmas, so it's like their first Christmas all over again...they love the lights!

We went to temple was cold...but fun! The different nativities they had displayed from all around the world were cool!

I love this season!

Aug-Nov memories video and Jared and Kyler Bdays

02 December 2015

I love making these little memory videos from random clips on my phone :) and Kyler loves watching them on repeat. This was the end of August to the beginning of November. 

Kyler had his birthday on Nov 16th! He's 5 now! His favorite part of his birthday were the balloons...
It was so cold and windy that day... :(

He wanted a Chickfila Lunch with daddy for his bday.

One of my old friends from GA came to visit us that week too, and just happened to be here for his bday too.

Kyler wanted his two best friends at his little celebration. His cousins, Nathan and Josh.

His 5 year check-up went great! He is 38 pounds ( 30%) and 41.5 inches tall (22%)
Animated, fun, friendly, bouncy, light-hearted... all words that describe this boy!

Earlier in November was Jared's bday...#32!
After he blew out the candles, Kyler goes "Daddy, You just turned 32!"
Jared: "Is that old?"
Kyler: "No, it's new!"

We also went out on a movie date to celebrate... I forgot what we saw. Oh yeah, some space movie. It was pretty good. I just mostly loved the alone time with this boy! Love him!

We did a little exploring last week and found a natural hot spring! Next time, we need to bring our swim suits!

The twins turned 11 months old---getting so close to a year!

Lady Lyla at 11 months~

And Mr. Ryan Cole at 11 months~

Here is his post bath "ducky" hair:

I got to attend a session at the temple with my friend, while Jared babysat, and then he went the next night, while I stayed with the kids. I love that we live so close to several temples, and can go whenever we want!

We've been spending a lot of time over at grandma and grandpa's house lately:

I moved the twins' cribs next to each other for the first time! 

They LOVE passing toys/blankets/binkys to each other and playing together, but they still have their own space to sleep, so it's nice!

They have also been living up to the "double trouble" status that comes with being a twin:

Still missing NC, but also still thinking these UT mountains are beautiful!