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February 2017…valentines and baby names

06 March 2017

We started out February with baby girl's 20 week anatomy scan. She is looking great and is growing right on track. She was transverse and the placenta is anterior (I find it interesting that my other 3 babies stayed in the same positions from their 20 week scan until birth, and wonder if she will do the same). She had her face snuggled up next to the placenta the whole time, so it was difficult to get a good profile angle on her.
I was just looking through my phone and couldn't find a single baby bump photo from recently! I think I posted one on an instagram story but apparently those get deleted automatically... so ooops! I'm currently 24 weeks (viability)! Of course I hope she stays in much longer to grow healthy and strong, but now that she is viable, I feel like it's safe to start buying a few things for her, planning her nursery, and of course thinking about choosing a baby name! We've had a list going for a while, and are finally starting to narrow down names. I'm so indecisive though; names are hard! Lyla's name didn't even make it to our favorite names list until the end of my pregnancy! Anyways, I think it will be fun to look back on the names we liked for baby #4 so here is our list: Makayla, Makenzie, Molly, Brinley, Katelyn, Alyvia, Abbigail, Ashtyn, Josslyn, Zoey, Avalyn, Maya, Ellie, Sierra, Hazel, Marley, Juliet, Hayven, Ivy, Aspen, Grace, Blair, Emree, Briana, Oaklynn. I wonder if we will choose one of those names, or if we will ultimately add one later in the pregnancy to choose. I want to know now! haha.

Valentines Day was great! I had the kids paint these little Valentines for Jared, and a few more for teachers/friends. Jared's family has this tradition of going to Maddox for a Valentines date, so that is what we did again this year! I know we had a picture taken…but I think it's on one of my sister in-laws phones.

 It warmed up enough for us to play outside without snow gear on for a few days, but it didn't last long.

 We went to an indoor pool one weekend. It's been a while! I was surprised at how much better the twins did in the water compared to last summer when we took them swimming. They were much more brave, and even went down some slides by themselves!

 Kyler still doesn't know how to swim, and is scared to put his face in the water. I've been trying to get him in swim lessons, but they fill up so quickly it's been hard.

Lyla has had a rough past 2 weeks teething…but she finally cut through all four of her canines! Ryan still doesn't have any.

We went on a mid-week date to an escape room with Jared's coworkers. It was fun, but a lot harder than I expected! Work is going well for Jared. His office just moved to downtown Salt Lake City, right above City Creek in the world trade center building. It's a great place to meet for lunch, and there is an awesome kids play place in the foodcourt. The commute is longer now, so he has been riding the train to/from work and we have been meeting at the gym everyday after work. 

I went to Kyler's kindergarten class a few times recently. One was for a walking report card, and the other was for parent/teacher conferences. His teacher is so sweet and had so many good things to say about Kyler! He makes friends easily, obeys the rules, participates, and is funny! His testing scores (reading and math) could be better though, so we are working really hard with him at home, and hopefully we will see a significant improvement when he is retested in April.

I've been busy taking lots of pictures for Alva Baby! It's fun seeing my babies on their website/amazon but it's also stressful when the twins don't cooperate for photos. Ryan is the most easy going twin so he has been getting in more photos lately. I can't wait for baby girl to come…she will be much easier to take pics of!

 He has been doing this goofy dance lately…I'm obsessed with him. He's so happy! 

I'm hoping we're about done with the snow here…so we went to donut falls for one last day of sledding/snow ball throwing. Ryan was not a fan of the snow, Lyla loved it and kept eating it, and Kyler had fun throwing snowballs at daddy.

Welp, that's all of the updates I can think of for now.  Until next month~

January 2017

06 February 2017

I know I usually say "This month flew by!" but January actually seemed to drag on forever.  Cold snowy dreary days, and inversion blagh! I LOVE being outside and being active, so it's really hard for me (esp with young kids and being pregnant) to enjoy the winter. Besides the winter blues, January was a good month! To keep ourselves from going stir crazy inside, we got an aquarium membership (in addition to Thanksgiving Point membership) and I have been trying to plan more fun playdates with friends.
We found out we are having a baby GIRL this month! Which wasn't a surprise to us, because both Jared and I felt so sure it was going to be a girl before we officially found out anyway!
My parents came to visit this month…I've been missing them so much and bawled my eyes out when they left (darn preggo hormones ha). We went to the Midway Ice Castles for the first time. They were incredible!
Jared's sister, Staci, visited us twice so we had two big Antczak family dinners at fancy restaurants (this preggo mama didn't complain). My belly hasn't grown too much bigger this past month (compared to months 2-3 when my belly "popped" but don't worry, I'm still packing on the weight :p. I'm starting to feel baby girl move, and it is the best feeling ever!
The kids all had their yearly checkup in January. Dr. was slightly concerned with Ryan's growth because he is so little (practically off the percentile charts). He is a picky eater! I'm not too worried about him, but to help with some weight gain we started him on the pediasure growth  shakes.  Ryan is 22 lbs 30 inches (about 1%)... Lyla is 24 lbs 31.5 inches (about 20%) and... Kyler is 40 lbs 42 inches (about 20%).  I'm short on time, so that's it for this month's blog post! Enjoy the picture dump :) they are all out of order and I'm not going to take the time to organize them this time ha.
Lyla's hair is starting to get long! and I'm afraid less curly :(

Fun bday party!

This is real life. Lyla cried the entire checkup. Ryan was fussy for about half of it. Kyler was so nervous about the flu shot, but he didn't cry!

 Our fav twin friends came to UT for a visit from AZ!

 Kyler visited my grandparents in Ogden with my dad, and said "This is the best day of my life!!"

We told the kids they are going to have a sister with this balloon!

We finally upgraded to a king sized bed! This preggo mama needed more space ;) We had a fun little photo shoot!

Ryan didn't want to be in the pictures

 I'm 20 weeks! Just over half way baked since she will be coming a week or so early via c-section.

 Loooove this bed. So comfy and roomy!

These pictures are all out of order. oh well! This was our social media gender reveal photo. 

One of my favorite preggo craving snacks haha. Potato chips and mustard!

 Valentine playdate

Max's school musical!

They occasionally play nice together!

Love this family of mine! See you next month blog. Peace.