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The Balloon Fast

23 April 2014

We've been busy getting adjusted back to real life- those two trips to the beach spoiled us! Soon after we got back from the beach, we ran over a nail and got a flat tire....that was interesting. I tried to help Jared put the spare on, but ended up causing the entire car to tip over off the little hoist thing-hah) So I decided to sit on the garage stairs and take pictures/watch and everything went smoothly after that....

......until we realized (after the matter) that our spare tire was flat too. Splendid.

...but we were able to pump it up enough to make it the tire store. Whew. Glad that's over!
Kyler has been on a balloon fast the past two months- meaning we haven't bought him any new balloons. He used to be SOOO obsessed (it was all he played with and all he talked about). So we thought that by not having them in the house, he would find a new favorite toy. It worked (kind of). He still LOVES balloons, but at least he stopped talking about them (as much) and plays with his other toys again.

A few weeks ago, I took him to the dollar store because I needed to buy some gift bags (this is the place where we also usually buy him balloons). As soon as we walked into the store he sniffed the air and said "Mmmmm! It smells like balloons in here!" (hysterical?) but we left the store without him throwing a fit for a balloon so I call this balloon fast a success!

The Easter Bunny brought Kyler a balloon, a bike, and a few other gifts in his basket, but Kyler was most excited about the balloon. 

I wonder how old he will be when he stops thinking that balloons are cool?

He makes it possible.

18 April 2014

I love this time of year for two reasons. One, everything is blooming and turning's like nature is coming alive again! Two, and more importantly, I love this time of year because we pay special attention to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I love my Savior so much. I'm grateful for the life that he lived, and for the example that he has set for us. I know that he truly did live and die for us, and that he was resurrected. He is what makes it possible for us to return to live with our Heavenly Father and loved ones again after this life!

I can't even begin to describe the love of Christ, but I feel it- and it truly is wonderful!

Another week at the beach- lucky us!

16 April 2014

This week we went to the beach with some more of Kyler's cousins- but on Jared's side of the fam this time!

Jared and my nephew found some pretty sweet sharks teeth this trip!

Our  little boy is growing up too fast!

We purchased a really cool pirate ship kite...but it wasn't windy enough to fly it. Kyler still had a fun time watching Jared try though!

Kyler ran around so much that he took a nap that lasted just over 3 hours right after the next two pictures were taken:
This is blog worthy because he usually only takes a 1 hour nap everyday... 2 hours if we're lucky...but a 3 hour nap is crazy long for him!

I had some fun girly time with my nieces...painting nails, shopping, watching chick flicks- you name it, we did it! They were my little buddies this week :)
They flew back to their home in New Mexico sad- we're going to miss them!

Some pretty darn cute cousins!

09 April 2014

Poor Kyler's face is still a little pale from being sick yesterday, but at least we were able to snap a few pictures of the cousins with out him pouting too bad (he didn't want to cooperate).

Charley also was sick is this picture, and Dani was sick a few days ago. Don't you love family vacations when everyone gets sick? hah. Still fun though!

Getting little kids to hold still for pictures is near impossible. Here's an awesome picture of Kyler's pouting face. He hates forced posed pictures (and apparently baby Gemma does too!).

I read this article awhile back on how to take good pictures of kids (obviously I don't actually follow any of those tips.... LOL ) but maybe you will... and will get some fantastic looking pictures!

Anyways, my favorite pictures are always the spur of the moment type like this one:

Some Lucky Leaf Time

08 April 2014

This week we are spending some time at The Lucky Leaf Beach House with some of my family. We have 5 family members out of 7 here- Just missing my sister and her family (from Cali) , and of course my parents (who are in Chile). Kyler doesn't have any cousins that live by us (yet) so it's been an extra fun week for him.

At the fish market with cousin's Rome and Carmella from Texas
Kyler met his newest cousin- baby Gemma! She's a doll. Kyler is obsessed with babies, and keeps asking to hold her, put binkies in her mouth, and cover her with blankets- 

He also has been sharing his toys with her. This boy is going to make a stellar big bro someday (not an announcement- just had to clarify that).

The ocean is still freezing, but the kids don't seem to notice/mind. A few of the grownups braved up and went out in wetsuits.

Yesterday was a cool, foggy day, but still fun...

....and today we've been hit with the stomach flu. So far it's hit 5 adults and 3 kids (including me, Jared, and Ky).

Not the most exciting way to end a vacation, but hey, at least we got a few days of fun and family in!
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