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27 July 2016

This past month has been a blur! I thought from the time our offer on the house was accepted until we closed was going to seem like an eternity, but it flew by. Probably because we ended up closing a week earlier than we expected! 

Updating the blog has seemed like such a chore lately, but I'm doing my best to try and update it at least every month or so. It is the only type of journaling I do, and it is SO helpful to be able to look back and remember details (like how many months was Lyla when she started walking? or Where did we spend our first Christmas after we were married?) Random things I would probably never remember if I hadn't written it down on the blog.

I wanted to document this little story that happened a few weeks ago. Lyla is very protective of her food. If you try to take a cracker off her highchair tray... she will scream! A few weeks ago, the kids were eating ice-cream sandwiches outside. I guess Lyla's hands got cold, because she set her last bite down on the table for a minute to examine her freezing messy hands. While she was looking at her hands, Ryan (who had already finished his ice-cream sandwich) was walking by the table. He saw (Lyla's) ice-cream sandwich laying on the table and shoved it into his mouth in one bite. Lyla SCREAMED and chased after him and tried to pry Ryan's mouth open to retrieve her last bite of ice-cream sandwich, but it was already gone. She then had the biggest meltdown of her 18 month old life. It was SO funny...but also kinda sad. You don't wanna mess with this girl's food!

I thought Lyla's hair would get more straight the longer it got, but it's actually getting more curly! I love it.

We were up at the cabin a few weeks ago, and the twins napped in the same PackNplay for a little bit. I couldn't stop staring. I couldn't believe they actually fell asleep next to each other!

Jared's sister from NM came to visit and we had a blast on our Girls Weekend!

I completed the workout program I've been doing. I feel SO good! I honestly probably wouldn't have completed it on my own if it weren't for Ali doing it along with me (even though we live in different states!) We would hold each other accountable everyday and text our progress pics. It made it easier having a buddy....we decided to start over and do the program again!

Before, and after pics. I lost 12 lbs which doesn't seem that impressive, but just over 6% body fat and I definitely feel the difference.

 Kyler has told me multiple times lately that it is boring staying home with the babies all day... he is super excited to start kindergarten in a few weeks!

Bauer is the perfect dog for our kids!
I love this picture of Ryan.

Work with ALVABABY is still going really well! They send me free products, and then pay me to take photos/videos of them and also pay me to run their instagram account. ALVABABY is a huge international company (most popular for their cloth diapers). The twins have been on their front website page multiple times now-yup totally mom bragging right now haha. No, but I thought I would screenshot some of the recent ones, just so I can prove to the twins when they are older that once upon a time they were baby models ha.

Packing with the twins around was so hard, but we did it!

This was right after we signed the papers and closed on our house! 

We LOVE our new home! We've been here for 2 weeks now, and it still feels so dreamy. The ward is really great, and the neighborhood is awesome- there are so many parks, pools, and trails to explore!

Here are a few photos of the house from our realtor's website (not our furniture). I haven't gotten around to taking new pictures of it since we've moved in.

It needs a fence ASAP, but other than that it has been perfect for us!

It turned out that UNpacking with the twins around was just as difficult as packing was :p they kept disorganizing all of my accomplishments.

The kids are loving all of these new parks near our house!

We had our first visitors this past weekend. I hadn't seen my cousin Carolyn (from AZ) since her wedding 6 years ago! Such a fun little reunion.

You should probably start getting used to seeing this yellow front porch swing...I have a feeling it will be used in a lot of future photos... it's the perfect picture spot!
When Carolyn and I were younger we used to tell everyone we were twins. Her baby, Natalie, is just one month younger than my twins... so when they get older they can tell everybody they are triplets hah.

Sorry for the picture overload this blog post, but this is one of my most favorite pictures of Lyla!

Summer's not complete until you run through sprinklers!
Summer days are flying by... I can't believe Kyler will be in Kindergarten next time I post!

May/June 2016

18 June 2016

It's been a while since I've updated the blog! Life is good and busy. We have been house hunting the last several weeks, and we finally found one we love! We are officially "under contract" so if everything continues to go well, we will be closing mid July. This will be our 9th time moving in our (almost) 7 years of marriage, so we're excited to finally have a permanent place to call home! Here are some photos from the past few weeks:

This picture is a little blurry, but it was up at our family cabin a few weeks ago. It's so gorgeous up there!
 It's so nice to take a break from the world and enjoy family.

These cousins are best buddies. I think they all look related. No?

I wanted to document Lyla's hair growth...its finally growing! She has these adorable little curls. They are super curly right after she gets out of the bath, but even after I brush through them and her hair dries... the ends still curl and I love it:

This was one day after house hunting. We fell in love with this little neighborhood, but ended up passing on the particular house we looked at in the neighborhood. I'm so glad we passed, otherwise we wouldn't have found the house we did!

The twins share a pajama drawer, so we just kind of grab some and put whatever on the twins to sleep in. Sometimes Lyla is in boy pjs and sometimes Ryan ends up in girl pjs :p

The twins both have 4 teeth each, and are getting better at being able to chew fruit snacks! They are big fruit snack fans...who isn't?

Lyla has been doing this lately when I tell her to do something she doesn't want to do, and it cracks me up! It's like a mini temper tantrum, because she's too lazy to throw a full blown one (don't get me wrong, she throws the full blown tantrums often enough).

I'm so proud of us for still keeping up with our workouts! Jared isn't a big picture fan, so I have to take them when he's not paying attention :p  He's hot.

The photo below on the left was two months ago, and the photo on the right was a few days ago... I've lost 5% body fat, and feel so good! 

 Kyler is registered for half day kindergarten!  His school is year round, which scared me at first, but after looking at the schedule, I think we will like it! For every 9 weeks of school, there is a 3 week vacation. Plus the normal holidays off and a nearly 2 month summer break. Interesting!

I think he will do great in kindergarten! I feel like he has matured a lot the past few months. He still is very energetic/playful don't get me wrong, but he is also more patient and curious about learning. He will sit down for 20 minutes and just practice writing his letters and numbers, and asks me questions non stop. He is so sweet and thoughtful! I love this boy.
 Kyler loooves playing in the backyard with Bauer, and Ruger (my BIL's dog)

18 months old already! 

I love his little profile.

I love this toddler stage. They are so curious about everything, and I love connecting with them and making them laugh.


We take the inserts out of our cloth diapers, and use them as swim diapers sometimes! This happened the other day, and it's quite possibly the cutest little wedgie I've ever seen:

We purchased the "Pass of all Passes" this year, and oh man we are having so much fun with it!

This picture makes me want to tickle those little toes!

The twins are both 21 lbs and 30 inches tall. (Lyla 5 oz heavier and .5 inches taller) (Ryan 3% and Lyla 14%)

We went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple for the first time. I love love love the temple. I always come out feeling so peaceful and happy with a new perspective of life. 

 Can't wait to celebrate this daddy on Sunday! He really is practically perfect in every way. I'm so spoiled to have him as my husband, and our children are so lucky to have him as their father.