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A journey (the final chapter) The Twins' Birth Story

18 December 2014

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This time last year, we were experiencing secondary infertility. I had recently been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and probable Endometriosis. None of the fertility medications I had been trying were working. I was starting to think we might not ever have any more children, which was something that we wanted more than anything.

In January, we started seeing a fertility specialist. The doctor warned us that with the particular medications/injections I would be taking, there would be a 2-5% chance of us conceiving multiples. I've always wanted twins! I knew the chances of us being in that 2-5% were slim, let alone the procedure working at all, but I still had hope. I remember pouring out my heart to Heavenly Father one night. Telling Him that I knew everything was in His hands, and that I accepted the fact that we may not have any more children, but I also told Him of my deepest desire. Twins.

Tears of joy now roll down my cheeks as I write this post. Heavenly Father truly does hear and answer prayers!
Here are our miracles: 
 Ryan and Lyla

The birth story:
(Just a warning, this is very long... I just want to be able to read this in the future, and remember all of the little details!)

It all started Sunday evening (exactly 38 weeks pregnant). I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for nearly a month, but that evening, they started to feel different. With each contraction I got a mild back cramp. As the night went on the back pain became worse. Thinking that I was might be experiencing back labor, I called the nurse. She told me that I didn't need to go to the hospital until my contractions were 5 minutes apart.

Sunday night, I started having a lot of anxiety and was so nervous for the c-section. Jared gave me a blessing. I instantly felt calm, and that everything would work out okay. I continued to labor all day Monday. The painful contractions came every 7-8 minutes. By Monday night, the intensity of the contractions increased, and they were coming every 6 minutes. No sleep that night! By 6:00am Tuesday (Dec 9th), it was time for us to leave for the hospital for our scheduled c-section, and my contractions were coming exactly 5 minutes apart. Perfect timing... except we got stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital. I always joked that if I ever got pulled over during my pregnancy, I could just "fake labor" to get out of a speeding ticket. This time I really was in labor! ...and almost had Jared speed along the shoulder of the road in order to get to the hospital on time. However, we were able to find some back roads to take to the hospital so we only ended up being 10 minutes late.

Upon arrival at the hospital, our pre-op nurse observed my contractions from the monitor. They were coming every 3-5 minutes at that point and were "coupling". She asked why we didn't come in sooner. I told her that we called and the nurse said to wait until they were 5 minutes apart before coming in. She responded "You are a repeat c-section with twins. You are 38 weeks. You should have come in on Sunday... when you started feeling pain." Hah. A little late for that (I wish she had been the one to answer my phone call on Sunday night). My doctor came in the room and checked me, fully effaced and dilating. He said "You're in Labor! These babies would be coming today whether we had had this c-section scheduled or not." What are the odds?!

I was wheeled into the OR. It was a small, cozy, room, and surprisingly I was very calm. I looked around the room and saw two little beds where the twins would be cleaned and observed, and my eyes teared up. Twins. This was really happening! All of the nurses were so friendly. I received the spinal tap, and my body instantly went numb. A sheet was hung in front of my face so that I couldn't see what was going on. Before I knew it, Jared was by my side dressed in scrubs. Our phones, which were in his pocket, were connected via FaceTime to our parents (who were in Chile and Utah) so they could hear what was going on, and every once in a while Jared pulled his phones out of his pocket so they could see too.

It took a few minutes to get through the scar tissue from my previous c-section with Kyler. We waited in anticipation. Our Doctor said "I'm trying to get baby girl out first, but it looks like baby boy is trying to come out first, so I guess he wins!" and just like that I heard his first cough and perfect little cry. A second later we saw our Baby Boy's adorable face for the first time as they lifted him over the sheet for Jared and I to see. The tears of joy came flooding! I will never ever forget that moment.

Baby girl was breech and a little more difficult to get out. Two minutes later, Doc said "She's out!" and Baby Girl was immediately taken across the room. The nurse said "She is just fine, just needs a little stimulation and her airway cleared...her arms were criss crossed above her head... that's why she was a little more difficult to get out." and then we heard Baby Girl start coughing/crying from across the room. They brought her over for us to see... she was beautiful! Everyone commented on how "good sized" our twins were. They were healthy. I was so happy and loved them instantly!

Baby Boy was born at 10:10am weighing 7 lbs 5oz. Baby Girl was born at 10:12am weighing 7 lbs even.

In the recovery room, we talked names. During my pregnancy, we decided on a few of our top names, (okay more like 20) but I kept changing my mind on what my favorites were, so we decided that we would give them their official names in the hospital...when we could see them. We decided on:

Ryan Cole and Lyla Belle

Ryan, wasn't even on my "favorite names" list to begin with, but when I read it on Jared's favorite names list, it stuck out to me; so I added it to mine too. When Jared and I were dating, we chose a star (the center star on Orion's belt) to be "our star" so that when I went to school in Hawaii for a semester, and Jared stayed at school in Idaho, we could both look at the same star while talking on the phone every night...haha I know, sooo cheesy! Anyways, the name Ryan reminded me of that memory, and I loved it for that reason. The name Ryan also just happened to be Jared's favorite boy name, so it worked out! His middle name, Cole, was going to be Kyler's middle name, but we decided to use "Jared" for Kyler instead.

Baby girl's name was a little more difficult. I had too many favorites!  The name "Lyla" made it to both of our favorite names lists the same night. Near the end of my pregnancy we heard the name "Lyla" on a TV show. We both looked at each other and just thought it was cute! Throughout the remainder of my pregnancy my favorite baby girl names changed frequently, but Lyla always remained on the list. Lyla was near the top of Jared's list too, so again, another name we could agree on!  Her middle name, Belle, was Jared's idea- "because she is our Southern Belle born in North Carolina". We also considered the name "Eve" as her middle name, but thought "Lyla Belle" had a nice ring to it (no pun intended haha). 

So Ryan Cole and Lyla Belle it is!

An hour or two later, we were moved to our hospital room where we stayed for 3 days.

On Wednesday and Thursday, my sister in-law (Courtney) brought Kyler to the hospital to meet his siblings, and she also snapped some beautiful pictures for us:

Kyler kept telling us "I want to hold the blue one!" Clearly, he has a favorite twin haha. The next day we wrapped Lyla in Ryan's blue blanket, and Kyler didn't know the difference. I guess we'll be cross dressing her for a while so she doesn't feel left out ;)

On Wednesday, our nurse asked me who would be doing Ryan's circumcision. I replied "Doctor Hightower, I think." She looked at me with a puzzled expression, and said "I'm sorry, there aren't any doctors with that name here." Jared then saved the day with the correct doctor's name. After the nurse left, I asked Jared "Where did I get Doctor Hightower from?" Then it hit me. Doctor Hightower was the doctor on the TV show I had been watching a few weeks ago... that's pain meds for ya!  

One morning, the pediatrician came in at 6:00am to do the babies' checkups. (Sooo early right?) Anyway, it had been a rough night, and somehow Lyla ended up in Ryan's bed with Ryan's paci... I knew it but didn't know how to tell him that the baby he was examining wasn't the baby he thought it was...I was still half asleep. So I just watched him from my hospital bed, and his reaction to seeing what was inside (or should I say wasn't inside?) "Ryan's" diaper was hysterical. "Oh woah! Um. Okay then! Twin sister, right." was what he said.

The twins are healthy and perfect. We love our family, and feel so blessed!

Our Last Outing as a Family of Three

08 December 2014

Last Friday, we took one last outing to the mall as a family of three. It was a short outing. I was so uncomfortable the whole time, and barely made it to one store (and haven't left the house since) but Kyler got to meet Santa. He was pretty excited, and seeing his face light up made the trip worth it.

Our babies will be here in 15 hours (but who is counting down?)! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by. I had my last doctor's appointment and non stress test last Thursday. Both of the babies are doing excellent, and we can't wait to meet our little miracles!

The Twins Nursery

30 November 2014

Previous pregnancy related posts here.

You guys! We get to meet our babies in NINE days, and as of today... I'm "full term" (37 weeks). I guess our twins are comfy and cozy inside, because they've already stayed in a week longer than most twins, and will probably stay in for another 9 days (which is when our c-section is). 

I seriously love being pregnant. Sure, I may or may not be extremely uncomfortable right now. My stomach might be ruined. My back may or may not hurt. I might not get much sleep at night, but man, I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world! Maybe it's because we've waited so long for these little miracles- I don't know- but I love feeling them kick and move inside of me. I feel like I have a special bond with them already, and I can't wait to hold them in my arms!

I probably spent hours looking at different Pinterest boards of twins nurseries, dreaming up what I wanted mine to look like. Mine doesn't look nearly as good as any of the pins I dreamt of. It's plain and simple, but I love it nonetheless. It's cheerful and bright, and I love being in there.

Thanksgiving + Home Movie

29 November 2014

The days going by are a blur to me, so I'm glad when I remember to snap a few pics to remember them by. Lately, Kyler has been wearing these construction safety goggles everywhere. He wore them to the park so that the "sand wouldn't get in his eyes" and in the bath so "water wouldn't get in his eyes". Logical thinking, I guess. I just love how they make his imaginary play come alive. I love this stage.

Our Thanksgiving was excellent! My brother and sis inlaw and Jared cooked most everything, while I just napped on the couch and didn't wash a single dish (they wouldn't let me). ALMOST makes me wish I could be pregnant with twins every T-day...but not really haha. Post dinner walk around the block:

I seriously love iMovie. It takes like 10 minutes to put together a really cute family home movie from random video clips I have on my phone. Here's our Oct-Nov 2014 family home movie!

33-36 weeks with twins

26 November 2014

Previous journey posts here!
Today is November 10th, 2014- We made it to 34 weeks! Every week I can keep them inside means less (or no) time in the NICU!

Jared's coworkers threw us a little baby shower at his work last week, and his team at Wake Forest threw us a little shower yesterday as well. We feel so blessed to have so many people that care about us, and these little ones! 

November 17, 2014
I'm 35 weeks and things are becoming more real! I've been having weekly non stress tests at the doctors, and both babies are doing fantastic! I'm having consistent contractions every 5-8 minutes according the NST. Doc says those can easily turn into true labor contractions any day now! We also had an ultrasound to measure the babies growth, and baby boy is estimated to weigh 5 pounds 15 ounces and baby girl is estimated to weigh 5 pounds 11 ounces. However, ultrasounds aren't completely accurate, and they tend to over estimate. 

Baby boy wouldn't let us get a picture of his face, but his sister showed us her face for a second! It's kinda hard to see at first:

Also, on the ultrasound it was reconfirmed that baby girl is still breech, and that their placentas are fused together.  VBAC is no longer an option for us. The risk of placental/uterine rupture is too high after 36 weeks, and even if I do happen to go into labor on my own within the next few days, there's a good chance of having baby boy VBAC and baby girl (the breech one) needing an emergency c-section. Too many risks for us, so our c-section is scheduled on December 9th (at 38 weeks 2 days) but the doctor says they will more than likely come on their own before then- we'll see! 

Today is November 25, 2014. I had my 36 week appointment and non stress test today. The babies are doing great! After my appointment, Jared and I took Kyler to a "Big Brother Class" at the hospital. As seen on instagram, it didn't go so well:

He's never acted like that around real babies before, so I'm hoping that he was just acting that way because he's never really played with dolls before or because he skipped his nap and was just in a grumpy mood. He eventually warmed up to the doll, and even helped change a diaper:

We got the twins' video baby monitor set up this week. We've been trying it out in Kyler's room...  I love it! I get to see all of the things he does when we leave the room, and watch sweet things like this from the couch downstairs:

The twin's nursery is almost done! I'll try to snap a pic of it soon.

A week of Birthdays!

18 November 2014

I can hardly believe it.  Kyler is FOUR!

I took probably 50 pictures, and couldn't get a "real" smile out of him. He was too distracted by the balloons because he didn't want them to pop or fly away haha. Oh well!

We celebrated Jared's birthday last weekend at Maggianos, and Kyler's this past weekend with Big Hero 6, and a train ride at the mall- he was one happy kid! I love how easy they are to please at this age...because I was definitely not feeling up to planning him a "birthday party" this year. I don't know what I'm going to do if the twins are born in November too... 4 family members birthdays in one month is a lot!

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