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33-36 weeks with twins

26 November 2014

Previous journey posts here!
Today is November 10th, 2014- We made it to 34 weeks! Every week I can keep them inside means less (or no) time in the NICU!

Jared's coworkers threw us a little baby shower at his work last week, and his team at Wake Forest threw us a little shower yesterday as well. We feel so blessed to have so many people that care about us, and these little ones! 

November 17, 2014
I'm 35 weeks and things are becoming more real! I've been having weekly non stress tests at the doctors, and both babies are doing fantastic! I'm having consistent contractions every 5-8 minutes according the NST. Doc says those can easily turn into true labor contractions any day now! We also had an ultrasound to measure the babies growth, and baby boy is estimated to weigh 5 pounds 15 ounces and baby girl is estimated to weigh 5 pounds 11 ounces. However, ultrasounds aren't completely accurate, and they tend to over estimate. 

Baby boy wouldn't let us get a picture of his face, but his sister showed us her face for a second! It's kinda hard to see at first:

Also, on the ultrasound it was reconfirmed that baby girl is still breech, and that their placentas are fused together.  VBAC is no longer an option for us. The risk of placental/uterine rupture is too high after 36 weeks, and even if I do happen to go into labor on my own within the next few days, there's a good chance of having baby boy VBAC and baby girl (the breech one) needing an emergency c-section. Too many risks for us, so our c-section is scheduled on December 9th (at 38 weeks 2 days) but the doctor says they will more than likely come on their own before then- we'll see! 

Today is November 25, 2014. I had my 36 week appointment and non stress test today. The babies are doing great! After my appointment, Jared and I took Kyler to a "Big Brother Class" at the hospital. As seen on instagram, it didn't go so well:

He's never acted like that around real babies before, so I'm hoping that he was just acting that way because he's never really played with dolls before or because he skipped his nap and was just in a grumpy mood. He eventually warmed up to the doll, and even helped change a diaper:

We got the twins' video baby monitor set up this week. We've been trying it out in Kyler's room...  I love it! I get to see all of the things he does when we leave the room, and watch sweet things like this from the couch downstairs:

The twin's nursery is almost done! I'll try to snap a pic of it soon.

A week of Birthdays!

18 November 2014

I can hardly believe it.  Kyler is FOUR!

I took probably 50 pictures, and couldn't get a "real" smile out of him. He was too distracted by the balloons because he didn't want them to pop or fly away haha. Oh well!

We celebrated Jared's birthday last weekend at Maggianos, and Kyler's this past weekend with Big Hero 6, and a train ride at the mall- he was one happy kid! I love how easy they are to please at this age...because I was definitely not feeling up to planning him a "birthday party" this year. I don't know what I'm going to do if the twins are born in November too... 4 family members birthdays in one month is a lot!

A journey... 29-33 weeks bumpdate

04 November 2014

Probably only one (or two) more bump dates before they come! Previous journey posts here.

Today is October 16, 2013.
I think I posted this picture before, but this was our last trip to the beach before the babies come.
-29 weeks-

My church friends threw me an adorable baby shower last week! Seriously, they are the best :)

Today is October 22, 2014

I had an ultrasound on Monday, and baby boy is measuring about 4 lbs 2 ounces and baby girl is about 3 lbs 14 ounces. They are both still measuring a little ahead of schedule, which I hear is rare for twins, but I'll take it- they are healthy! My ultrasound showed my cervix is funneling and thinning. My last ultrasound my cervix was 5cm long, this time it was only 2cm.  My doctor wasn't too concerned because I'm having twins, but told me to stay off my feet as much as possible, and drink lots of water. I'm getting so excited for them to come!

Today is November 3, 2014
Today I had my first non-stress test (where they monitor the babies' heartbeats and contractions).

Our nurse wasn't very familiar with the NST machine, so she spent 45 minutes trying to get me hooked up and had a hard time finding baby boy's heartbeat. I almost cried and was freaking out, but at the same time, I could feel them both kicking so I knew they had to be okay. Jared wasn't worried; he could tell our nurse didn't know what she was doing (she apologized after the test was over and explained that the nurse that usually does their NST's was out, so she was trying to cover for her, but wasn't familiar with the machine). She had baby boy's heart monitor where Jared thought his head was, and Baby girl kept kicking her I was pretty sure that one wasn't on right either. We ended up having to go in for an ultrasound to see how the babies were positioned, and they were both doing great! Both hearts where nowhere near where she had the NST monitors hooked up on me. Hah.

Once I was all hooked up to the machine properly, the NST went well! I laid there for about 45 min and pushed a button whenever I felt one of the babies move.

The results of the test were good! However, the doctor acted surprised when she saw that I was having so many contractions. I wasn't surprised, I've been feeling the contractions for the past week and a half or so. They come between 5-20 minutes apart all day everyday (and night) and last about a minute. They aren't painful, just a little uncomfortable. She said as long as the contractions aren't painful then she isn't concerned about them.

We made it to 33 Weeks!

I have a c-section scheduled for 5 weeks from now, unless of course they decide to come on their own within the next 3 weeks. Then, maybe a VBAC will be a possibility. At this point, I don't care how or when they come, I just want them here safe and healthy :)

Halloween 2014

Kyler was going through a little Spiderman phase when we asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween this year....

So Spiderman he was!
Even Spiderman gets wedgies
I stayed home and passed out candy, while Jared took Kyler out to get the goods...
That's way too much candy for a little boy...guess I'm going to have to help him out :D

Apple painting, Cousins visiting, and Hot Air Balloons Galore!

25 October 2014

I love Saturday mornings. Jared takes Kyler to the gym so I get a solid 2 quiet hours to do whatever I want! This morning, I thought I'd catch up on the blog (mostly just posting pictures). We've been so busy the last few weeks!

I've been trying to sit down with Kyler everyday to teach him preschool, since he isn't attending one currently. We mostly just review letters, counting, days of the week etc. It doesn't happen everyday, but I'm okay with that! He's three and learns mostly through play anyway. Occasionally, we go to Chalk Preschool online (google it- it's free and pretty cool) and we do their little lessons, songs and art activities. This one was painting with apples:

We went to the aquarium in the mall again with some friends a week or so ago. They have a "toddler tuesdays" special, and the pricing isn't bad at all!

 Have you seen Meet the Mormons in theaters? We saw it and it was great! One of our family friends from Georgia was in it, so it was neat seeing her and her fam on the big screen. I love this music video they showed at the end :)

My brother and his wife came to visit us from Utah! My niece, Charley, got her ears pierced. She was so brave... love her face in this pic:

Kyler loved having cousins to play with all weekend:

He also loved having an uncle to rough house with:

Aunt Meredith painted some nursery furniture for me while she was here. My good friend practically gave us a few pieces that she was done with (She bought them from the ikea in France and had them shipped here last year). I love the furniture! So I tried to buy a matching crib at the ikea here in Charlotte, but the colors here don't match the colors in a little white paint fixed the problem!

...and after we painted them we realized that the American crib is much bigger than the one from France haha oh well I still love them, and can't wait to get the twin's nursery put together!

Last Sunday was my niece, Little Miss Andie's, baby blessing:

Also last weekend, we were able to go to the Carolina Balloon Fest! It was such a fun experience. We went mostly for Kyler, but Jared and I ended up loving it as well! We got in for free, and they had free bouncy houses for the kids, and other fair activities like face painting and little games, and tons of food- so fun! But obviously, Kyler's favorite part was the hot air balloons:

Kyler was slightly scared that the balloons they were inflating were going to tip over and pop (can't blame him, that would be a very loud pop)!

There were probably 50 or so hot air balloons that lit up at night- so cool to watch!

iMovie created this cute little video from all of the random clips I had on my computer from the past few it!

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