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Drive-in and Monkey Joes

19 August 2014

Last weekend we went to a drive-in theater and saw Ninja Turtles!

The theater was far away, but it was worth the drive.  It was such a cheap date night- $6 per ticket (kids are free) and we didn't need a baby-sitter. Kyler didn't watch the movie, he just played games/watched Netflix on my phone.

The drive-in will definitely be on our Summer Bucket List again next year!

Last Saturday, we took Kyler to Monkey Joes for the first time.  I was only partially impressed, but it was super busy with multiple birthday parties going on, so maybe we'll try it again on a weekday morning.

Kyler had a lot of fun, and definitely got tired out!

Slacker Blog Updater and Random Happenings

11 August 2014

It seems like time has been going by extra fast this past month. I've been horrible at taking pictures lately, but here are a few off of my phone to remember the past few weeks by:
1. Awkward sleeping position. 2. Kyler's first talk in primary. 3 &4. Discovery place kids. 5. Interesting restaurants my pregnancy cravings have been taking us on Saturday nights.

Last week we made our first few purchases for the twins. Charlotte's Mom's of Multiples Club had their consignment sale last weekend...and they had some really good deals.
The Chicco double stroller was given to us by a neighbor- sweet right?!
Getting all of these baby things ready sure has made this seem more real--- our twins will be here before we know it! We're feeling so blessed and happy!

My iPhone's memory was getting low because I had too many random video clips stored.... so I mushed them all together in a video to remember them by:

A journey... 16-20 weeks (movement and anatomy scan)

02 August 2014

I'm going to copy and paste a few entries from the past several weeks of my pregnancy. If you'd like to read more about our journey towards expanding our family, you can do so here.

July 20, 2014
Last week, we moved Kyler into his new room. We're going to use his old room for the twins because it is bigger and can comfortably fit two cribs, a changing table, a book shelf and a rocking chair in it. Kyler was so excited when we moved his bed into his new room!

Other than that, we haven't done much of anything to prepare for the twins. I'll probably start buying things and decorating the nursery once I'm done teaching pre-K (which is in a few weeks!). I've been having fun filling my Pinterest boards with cute nursery decor ideas!

(I wish everything I pin could magically appear in real life!)

July 30, 2014
I'm a little behind on the updates! I'm currently 19 weeks and 3 days pregnant! We had our anatomy scan last week, and everything went perfectly! I was so amazed at how much technology has advanced since my last anatomy scan with Kyler 4 years ago. I feel like this anatomy scan had so many more details. It was an incredible feeling to hear/see that everything is developing normally, and such a huge stress relief! 

Baby A (our boy) measured 18w5 days (I was only 18w1day at the time) and Baby B (our girl) measured 19 weeks. For height baby brother was in the 91st percentile and baby sister was in the 100th percentile.  She said those percentiles should come down in the weeks to come, because twins are generally smaller than singletons- so we'll see!

Also, I learned something new! If I have a VBAC, baby A (our boy) will be born first, but if I have another c-section baby B (our girl) will be born first. There are several factors that will determine whether I will have a VBAC or repeat Csection- but I'll get into that another day.

I realized I hadn't taken a bump picture in a while, so I had Kyler take one for me (that's why it's blurry)
just over 19 weeks with twins
I love feeling their little kicks! Baby girl is on the top right side of my belly, and Baby boy is on the bottom left side of my belly- so I can still distinct which baby is moving/kicking. Jared can feel them kick from the outside now too- so fun!

Behold your little ones

27 July 2014

I read this article a few weeks ago about beholding our little ones, and it has really stuck with me. Here are a few of my favorite parts from that article:

“Beholding” is not giving a casual, distracted glance. It is the act of attending to another with the heart and mind. It is giving the kind of focused attention that says, “I see you. You are important to me.”  -Jan Pinborough

For today’s parents, this kind of beholding often requires the discipline to unplug, a conscious choice to turn away from our screens and turn off our digital devices. It may mean resisting the temptation to scroll through social media posts. It may involve thoughtfully establishing personal and family media rules, setting boundaries that will protect the sacred time that we give to one another in our families daily.(source)

I love this! Especially the idea of turning away from our screens in order to give kind, focused attention to our little ones.  A few minutes here and there of scrolling down social media screens throughout the day really does add up! Don't get me wrong, I don't think social media is bad (or obviously I wouldn't have a personal blog and wouldn't be writing this). Social media is a great way to keep in touch with family who lives far away, and old friends. I just feel like time is so precious, and I love the reminder that article gave me about what matters most in life!

...they grow up so fast!

Anaphylactic shock

19 July 2014

So... those cute little gender announcement photos in the previous post? There is quite a story behind them. The day before those pictures were taken, I went out and bought special pink and blue glasses/cups and straws for our gender reveal photo. I was just going to take a timer picture of us holding them. I got the idea from this picture:

I liked this idea, because it was nothing over the top, was cheap, and would be a simple way to get the message out to the world about the wonderful news of our boy/girl twins. I took the ice-cream picture the day before not thinking I would use it as a gender reveal photo (same shirt two days in a row don't judge haha) but I ended up using it anyways because, we didn't get an opportunity to take a picture of those cups like I had planned....

Jared was mowing the lawn right before we were going to take the pictures. To kill time, I took a few pictures of Kyler and some blue/pink baby bottles outside just for fun. While I was taking pictures of Kyler, Jared ran over a hornet's nest with the lawnmower, and he got stung three times in his calf/shin.

The first thing he did was run inside for a can of Raid. I thought he was crazy for going back near the hornets nest, but thankfully he didn't get stung again. After the nest was demolished, he said he was starting to itch on his back, and went inside to rinse off in the shower.

After a few minutes I got a panicky feeling and I thought "It can't be normal for his back to feel that itchy from a bee sting on his leg... so itchy that he had to stop mowing the lawn and take a shower? Is he okay....?" I dropped the bottles, grabbed Kyler's hand and ran inside to make sure Jared was okay.

"Char?" He yelled down the stairs as soon as he heard the door open.

"Are you okay?" I hollered back up.

"Go put Kyler in the car, my whole body is itching now and my throat is starting to tighten."

I caught a glimpse of him as he was trying to walk down the stairs, and no joke, his face was so puffy he looked like the guy from Hitch and his food allergy:

So of course I went into panic mode thinking he was going to die. I told him I was going to call 911, but he refused, and said we could get to urgent care faster than an ambulance would make it to the house anyways.

Jared's entire body was covered in hives by the time we arrived at urgent care, the front desk got him right in with a doctor, who within minutes was giving him injections of -who-knows-what- before we had time to fill out any paperwork.  We had to stay at urgent care for a good 1.5 hrs to be monitored, and then the doctor wrote him a few prescriptions, and we were on our way.

Not so photogenic for a gender reveal photo right? hah

The doctor told us that the severity of allergies like this strengthens with each exposer, so next time he gets stung, he very well may need an EpiPen.  So our house is now stocked with EpiPens.
... but let's hope we never have to use them!
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