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My latest project:

17 December 2009

For my persuasion communications class, we were divided into groups, and we got to pick a community project... to persuade our allocation committee to donate a 200 dollar grant towards. We had to research the community project and write media-kits..appendixes..blah blah....basically a 20 hour project. I made this video for part of our presentation.

Other community projects that my class did include: a rape awareness program, a homeless shelter program, the Idaho Meth Project, and boy scouts. When all is said and done. The boy scout team one. WHAT THE HECK?!?? Their presentation was horrible! they were all "duh dar dar.. we believe the boy scouts need the grant because they need new backpacks and sleeping bags and stuff to help the community. dar dar" (as drool drips down their faces) but they somehow won! Forget about saving lives from cancer. Forget about helping homeless people in FREEZING cold rexburg find jobs and shelter and food. Forget about saving people from rape. Forget about saving our teens from meth. "Lets go buy backpacks and sleeping bags! wheeeeeeee!" I dont get it.

Finals week

13 December 2009

Yeeeehah! We made it to finals week! I am SOO glad this semester is almost over. Jared has like 6 Exams this week. I mostly just have research papers, and projects, and presentations to do. We are looking forward to warmer weather and seein the fams over the break.

Thanksgiving and such.

08 December 2009

Well, well, well. Rexburg is seriously FREEZING. It has been in the negatives every morning this week. SO cold. Jared and I helped his mom decorate their house for Christmas, and she let us borrow some of her left-over lights in return. Our apartment is definitely the cutest :)

We walked out of our apartment for church a few weeks ago, and there was SNOW on the ground! Jared ran and got his sled, and sledded down the side walk (in his church clothes) he is such a little boy sometimes. I love him.

I forgot to bust out my camera at our thanksgiving dinner at Lashaun's, but here is a picture of us at Ben and Mere's playing Yahtzee. Charley wanted to play too! (I think she beat us)

We ate at a hole-in-the-wall place called Moochies. It was actually pretty good!

Mmmmm meatball sub! lol
Last weekend, we went up to the mountains for the Activities Program Retreat for BYUI. Jared is a director for next semester. I just tagged along.
Long Car Rides Drive Us Crazy.

We had a competition at the retreat to see who could build the best Gingerbread house! It was hard though, because each person in the team had a different assignment (1 person was the leader, but couldnt touch anything, one person could only touch the candy, one could only touch the frosting..and so on) Ours was the santa on his sleigh. it was TOTALLY the best, but only got second to the Jewish Synagogue??

We did tons of different activities and games at the retreat. It was fun! We were supposed to be learning about leadership skills. but all I learned is "if ya wanna win, ya gotta cheat!" heheee thats why my team won everytime.

These mountains are sweet. I've been snowboarding on the tall ones you can barely see in the distance. It was pretty good ski resort.
I got bored the other night. Here is what I did, when I SHOULD have been doing homework :) my mom and I kinda looked alike when we were little huh?

Heheee baby pictures!

We took the one on the left before I went to Hawaii.... Who would have thought we would be married 8 months later??!?

Happy Birthday Jared!!

14 November 2009

It was recently Jared's birthday!I made him brownies, and I wanted them to be done before he got home from class. So, RIGHT after I pulled them out of the oven I stuck the birthday candles in. When he came home, all of the candles were laying down. melted. oops. Half of the brownies got ruined with hardened wax. haha! He didn't seem to mind though. :) That wasn't the only meal I ruined this week. I tried to make a chicken and rice crock-pot recipe, but I guess I didnt put enough water in because it got all hard..then I added more water and it turned to mushy gross-ness...then I added more rice... but by then it was ruined. We had Kraft Mac and Cheese instead. Yummmmmm can't go wrong with that!! Anways, Jared wanted to go see 2012 for his birthday tonight, so that's what we're doin! Anybody seen it yet?

We just had a movie night and watched The Emperor's New Groove! Haha such a hilarious movie. If you haven't already seen it, you gotta! Jared and I decided that when we grow up, and have a house with a big yard, we want a Golden Retriever...and we are going to name it Kronk!!

Wedding Pictures Are Here!

05 November 2009

August 29, 2009 was the best day of my life! I married my best friend, Jared, in the Salt Lake City temple for time and all eternity! The day was perfect, and we couldn't be happier! I love looking at these pictures, and can't believe it's already been two months!


28 October 2009

It's starting to get cold here. Jared and I were both sick last week. Fevers sore throats, coughs... that type of stuff. So many students are sick at BYU-I right now that they are finally telling students that attendence no longer counts against your grade this that if you are feeling sick, you should STAY HOME! Lucky us. Other than that, life has been great! We have been enjoying doing stuff with our new married couple friends. :) Watching movies, eating dinners, family home evenings... that type of stuff. It's been fun!

We bought a pumpkin to carve last week! We were going to have the coolest looking pumpkin EVER when we were done with it.

We cut the top off and reached in to grab all of the seeds out...only to discover that there was hardly anything inside that pumpkin~

Our pumkin was demented. It was so thick that our special pumpkin carving tools didnt work. The pumkin was thicker than our tools were! LAME. No coolest looking pumkin EVER this year.

school school school

12 October 2009

We have both been soo busy with school. Jared's taking 16 credits, (including bio, chem, adv writing, religion, and trig) and im taking 17 credits, (including interpersonal communications, adv writing, child development, persuasion communications, childrens lit, and religion) I'll be done next July though! and Jared only has 4 more semesters after this one, so we are making progress!

Jared also works part time at the gym, and I babysit tues/thurs at 7:45 am. Aspen is three, Vivianna is 4 months, and Joshua is five yrs, but he usually goes to school soon after I get there. The video clip below is of Vivianna, she's so cute!!

Our First Apartment

30 September 2009

We're MARRIED!!! It's the best!! We have been married for a month now.... It's hard to believe. We still don't have our wedding pictures, but they are coming soon! In the mean time, I decided to post some pictures of our apartment, and a video of our cruise!
Our family room.
  Our lovely sectional couch. It's so comfy.
 ! 2 r
Our little kitchen table, and I LOVE that picture of Christ.
Our TV! we got the screen for 25 bucks at DI. (Bargain shoppers, I know)

Our bedroom, we have another room exactly like this, but we are using it to unpack boxes and stuff at the moment, so I wont take a picture of it, until its done.
Our bedding! From Bed Bath and Beyond. Thank You gift cards!!
Our lovely bathroom.
Shower curtain also from gift cards!
And our kitchen! that quote says "A family that prays together, stays together!" True statement.
UPDATES COMING SOON!!! Yay! its been forever... actually im pretty sure nobody actually reads my blog anymore....its been so long.

Our Story:

03 August 2009

And so it begins. Jared and I met at a church group event and started hanging out a few weeks later. I coached cheerleading that semester, and he came to ALL of our games, even though it was freezing outside! We loved bowling together, watching movies, playing ping-pong (He always let me win :) and doing our homework together.

 Then we started writing little notes to each other during class. They soon turned into long love letters. :) One time he folded my letter into a boat! I thought it was a hat, and put it on my head.

This is the day that Jared and I first "officially" started dating. We weren't sure exactly how our relationship would end up, because we had only known each other for 2 months, and I was about to go to BYU Hawaii, for 3 months... but things were going great between us, so we decided to give it a shot!  That way we would never have to wonder what would have happened... good thing we did!

Then came Hawaii.......................................
We talked on the phone for HOURS, every single night. We texted through out the day, and sent each other emails and facebook messages a few times a week too! We got to know each other REALLY well. We fell in love more and more everyday. We realized we were perfect for each other. Being thousands of miles apart actually brought us closer together! 

He made a surprise visit to me on valentines day. awwwww.... :) It was PERFECT!!! He stayed with some of his guy buddies that happened to be at BYU-Hawaii that semester too, so that cut down on driving time, and we got to spend every waking hour together. I couldn't believe he actually came all of that way just to see me! I love him.....

After my semester in Hawaii was over, I transferred back to BYU-Idaho just to be with him. We continued dating, and LOVED living in the same state again :). Jared met my parents... and I spent more time getting to know Jared's family. Everything was great! We were meant for each other. We kept dating, and soon realized that we wanted to be together forever. 

And then... Ring shopping time Baby!

What comes next? Oh yeah!

"He knelt to the ground, and pulled out the ring and said "marry me CHARLENE you'll never have to be alone, I love you and THAT'S all I really know.... I talked to your dad- go pick out a white dress, its a love story, baby just say Yes!"

Well, thats not exactly how it happened. Our love story is better. We hiked up in the mountains, and got to the top at sunset. There were 2 huge flat boulders at the top. We sat there for a while, enjoying each other's company and talking when he told me he had written a poem for me. He said I had to stand up first (like I was on top of the world) in order to hear it. So I did, and he knelt down and started reading me the sweetest poem ever! Then my heart started racing because I knew what was coming... It was the best poem I had ever heard in my life. Jared really does have a talent for writing. At the end of the poem he asked me to marry him, and I said YESSSS!! I was shaking with excitement. I couldn't believe that moment was actually happening!

And here we are today!!! Counting down the days until we are sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple.