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Our Story:

03 August 2009

And so it begins. Jared and I met at a church group event and started hanging out a few weeks later. I coached cheerleading that semester, and he came to ALL of our games, even though it was freezing outside! We loved bowling together, watching movies, playing ping-pong (He always let me win :) and doing our homework together.

 Then we started writing little notes to each other during class. They soon turned into long love letters. :) One time he folded my letter into a boat! I thought it was a hat, and put it on my head.

This is the day that Jared and I first "officially" started dating. We weren't sure exactly how our relationship would end up, because we had only known each other for 2 months, and I was about to go to BYU Hawaii, for 3 months... but things were going great between us, so we decided to give it a shot!  That way we would never have to wonder what would have happened... good thing we did!

Then came Hawaii.......................................
We talked on the phone for HOURS, every single night. We texted through out the day, and sent each other emails and facebook messages a few times a week too! We got to know each other REALLY well. We fell in love more and more everyday. We realized we were perfect for each other. Being thousands of miles apart actually brought us closer together! 

He made a surprise visit to me on valentines day. awwwww.... :) It was PERFECT!!! He stayed with some of his guy buddies that happened to be at BYU-Hawaii that semester too, so that cut down on driving time, and we got to spend every waking hour together. I couldn't believe he actually came all of that way just to see me! I love him.....

After my semester in Hawaii was over, I transferred back to BYU-Idaho just to be with him. We continued dating, and LOVED living in the same state again :). Jared met my parents... and I spent more time getting to know Jared's family. Everything was great! We were meant for each other. We kept dating, and soon realized that we wanted to be together forever. 

And then... Ring shopping time Baby!

What comes next? Oh yeah!

"He knelt to the ground, and pulled out the ring and said "marry me CHARLENE you'll never have to be alone, I love you and THAT'S all I really know.... I talked to your dad- go pick out a white dress, its a love story, baby just say Yes!"

Well, thats not exactly how it happened. Our love story is better. We hiked up in the mountains, and got to the top at sunset. There were 2 huge flat boulders at the top. We sat there for a while, enjoying each other's company and talking when he told me he had written a poem for me. He said I had to stand up first (like I was on top of the world) in order to hear it. So I did, and he knelt down and started reading me the sweetest poem ever! Then my heart started racing because I knew what was coming... It was the best poem I had ever heard in my life. Jared really does have a talent for writing. At the end of the poem he asked me to marry him, and I said YESSSS!! I was shaking with excitement. I couldn't believe that moment was actually happening!

And here we are today!!! Counting down the days until we are sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple.