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Our First Apartment

30 September 2009

We're MARRIED!!! It's the best!! We have been married for a month now.... It's hard to believe. We still don't have our wedding pictures, but they are coming soon! In the mean time, I decided to post some pictures of our apartment, and a video of our cruise!
Our family room.
  Our lovely sectional couch. It's so comfy.
 ! 2 r
Our little kitchen table, and I LOVE that picture of Christ.
Our TV! we got the screen for 25 bucks at DI. (Bargain shoppers, I know)

Our bedroom, we have another room exactly like this, but we are using it to unpack boxes and stuff at the moment, so I wont take a picture of it, until its done.
Our bedding! From Bed Bath and Beyond. Thank You gift cards!!
Our lovely bathroom.
Shower curtain also from gift cards!
And our kitchen! that quote says "A family that prays together, stays together!" True statement.


  1. I LOVE it! Your couch is AWESOME! Where'd ya'll get it?! And I LOVE that screen! 25 bucks?! Seriously?! So can you watch regular tv on it?? Love the bedding, bathroom, kitchen... all of it! Awwww.. And SERIOUSLY- I can't beLIEVE it's already been a MONTH?!?!? That is SO unbelievable. It feels like 2 wks MAX to me.
    Oh, and char? Nother quote for the book... that quote says "a family that PRAYS together, stays together." not the other way around. LOLOL BAHAHAHAHA!

  2. thanks! we just bought it from some lady who got a new one. and yes we CAN watch regular tv. but we usually just watch movies.

    ....i fixed the quote. both statements were true! blugguhh :p

  3. So cute! I loved reading your love story too.


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