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28 October 2009

It's starting to get cold here. Jared and I were both sick last week. Fevers sore throats, coughs... that type of stuff. So many students are sick at BYU-I right now that they are finally telling students that attendence no longer counts against your grade this that if you are feeling sick, you should STAY HOME! Lucky us. Other than that, life has been great! We have been enjoying doing stuff with our new married couple friends. :) Watching movies, eating dinners, family home evenings... that type of stuff. It's been fun!

We bought a pumpkin to carve last week! We were going to have the coolest looking pumpkin EVER when we were done with it.

We cut the top off and reached in to grab all of the seeds out...only to discover that there was hardly anything inside that pumpkin~

Our pumkin was demented. It was so thick that our special pumpkin carving tools didnt work. The pumkin was thicker than our tools were! LAME. No coolest looking pumkin EVER this year.

school school school

12 October 2009

We have both been soo busy with school. Jared's taking 16 credits, (including bio, chem, adv writing, religion, and trig) and im taking 17 credits, (including interpersonal communications, adv writing, child development, persuasion communications, childrens lit, and religion) I'll be done next July though! and Jared only has 4 more semesters after this one, so we are making progress!

Jared also works part time at the gym, and I babysit tues/thurs at 7:45 am. Aspen is three, Vivianna is 4 months, and Joshua is five yrs, but he usually goes to school soon after I get there. The video clip below is of Vivianna, she's so cute!!