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12 October 2009

We have both been soo busy with school. Jared's taking 16 credits, (including bio, chem, adv writing, religion, and trig) and im taking 17 credits, (including interpersonal communications, adv writing, child development, persuasion communications, childrens lit, and religion) I'll be done next July though! and Jared only has 4 more semesters after this one, so we are making progress!

Jared also works part time at the gym, and I babysit tues/thurs at 7:45 am. Aspen is three, Vivianna is 4 months, and Joshua is five yrs, but he usually goes to school soon after I get there. The video clip below is of Vivianna, she's so cute!!


  1. Awww! She IS so darn cute! Are you meowing at her at the end? I smell baby hungers coming!


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