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Happy Birthday Jared!!

14 November 2009

It was recently Jared's birthday!I made him brownies, and I wanted them to be done before he got home from class. So, RIGHT after I pulled them out of the oven I stuck the birthday candles in. When he came home, all of the candles were laying down. melted. oops. Half of the brownies got ruined with hardened wax. haha! He didn't seem to mind though. :) That wasn't the only meal I ruined this week. I tried to make a chicken and rice crock-pot recipe, but I guess I didnt put enough water in because it got all hard..then I added more water and it turned to mushy gross-ness...then I added more rice... but by then it was ruined. We had Kraft Mac and Cheese instead. Yummmmmm can't go wrong with that!! Anways, Jared wanted to go see 2012 for his birthday tonight, so that's what we're doin! Anybody seen it yet?


  1. HAHAHA! I'm loling about the waxy brownies! And even MORE about the rice! Was the movie good?
    What day do ya'll get here?!

  2. loling? hahha! wow. 2012 was great! kinda like the day after tomorrow, but better. We get there Dec 20th! :)


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