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My latest project:

17 December 2009

For my persuasion communications class, we were divided into groups, and we got to pick a community project... to persuade our allocation committee to donate a 200 dollar grant towards. We had to research the community project and write media-kits..appendixes..blah blah....basically a 20 hour project. I made this video for part of our presentation.

Other community projects that my class did include: a rape awareness program, a homeless shelter program, the Idaho Meth Project, and boy scouts. When all is said and done. The boy scout team one. WHAT THE HECK?!?? Their presentation was horrible! they were all "duh dar dar.. we believe the boy scouts need the grant because they need new backpacks and sleeping bags and stuff to help the community. dar dar" (as drool drips down their faces) but they somehow won! Forget about saving lives from cancer. Forget about helping homeless people in FREEZING cold rexburg find jobs and shelter and food. Forget about saving people from rape. Forget about saving our teens from meth. "Lets go buy backpacks and sleeping bags! wheeeeeeee!" I dont get it.

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