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Thanksgiving and such.

08 December 2009

Well, well, well. Rexburg is seriously FREEZING. It has been in the negatives every morning this week. SO cold. Jared and I helped his mom decorate their house for Christmas, and she let us borrow some of her left-over lights in return. Our apartment is definitely the cutest :)

We walked out of our apartment for church a few weeks ago, and there was SNOW on the ground! Jared ran and got his sled, and sledded down the side walk (in his church clothes) he is such a little boy sometimes. I love him.

I forgot to bust out my camera at our thanksgiving dinner at Lashaun's, but here is a picture of us at Ben and Mere's playing Yahtzee. Charley wanted to play too! (I think she beat us)

We ate at a hole-in-the-wall place called Moochies. It was actually pretty good!

Mmmmm meatball sub! lol
Last weekend, we went up to the mountains for the Activities Program Retreat for BYUI. Jared is a director for next semester. I just tagged along.
Long Car Rides Drive Us Crazy.

We had a competition at the retreat to see who could build the best Gingerbread house! It was hard though, because each person in the team had a different assignment (1 person was the leader, but couldnt touch anything, one person could only touch the candy, one could only touch the frosting..and so on) Ours was the santa on his sleigh. it was TOTALLY the best, but only got second to the Jewish Synagogue??

We did tons of different activities and games at the retreat. It was fun! We were supposed to be learning about leadership skills. but all I learned is "if ya wanna win, ya gotta cheat!" heheee thats why my team won everytime.

These mountains are sweet. I've been snowboarding on the tall ones you can barely see in the distance. It was pretty good ski resort.


  1. Wow, Char! You're a messy eater! lol! Oh, and I liked ur gingerbread santa sleigh thing the best! Also, I was lookin at the retarded pic of u and jarebear, and i was trying to read it BACKWARDS. yes, yes, I am retawdid. I was all, "didwater? I don't get it!" haha! See you in a few DAYS! REEHEEEAH!

  2. NO im not a messy eater! it was just a messy sandwich.

    Bawhahaha!!!! You ARE retawdid. (you have to say it in dads voice like he does when he says chawwwlotte."


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