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Back to school...AGAIN.

28 January 2010

Here we are, truddgin our way through ANOTHER semester of school. Will this ever end? It seems like school just keeps getting harder and busier every semester. One thing I do enjoy about this semester though, is working at the after school program. I am in charge of 3rd and 4th graders for the next five weeks, and then I switch to k-2nd. Those kids are so darn cute! We had a lesson on music today, and had the local high school jazz band come and perform for us. By the end of their performance, the kids were standing up and dancing around together. It was funny because it was just like in high school where all of the girls would group together and dance...and the shy boys would just be all sitting and standing near the walls together. I even saw my supervisor nodding his head and dancing a little jig for a split second. My supervisor is EXACTLY like Mr. Roggers. He wears sweaters everyday...has the grey hair neatly combed over to the side...just the kindest sweetest old man you will ever meet. He also walks everywhere like Mr. Roggers. The elementary school that we meet at is 3 blocks away from BYUI, and my friend said that she saw him yesterday... running to the elementary school through the snow... in his suit and sweater with both hands on his hat to get to the school on time...haha! Wish I coulda seen it. :)

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