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Christmas 09

09 January 2010

We had so much fun spending time with my family for Christmas. It was AWESOME. Most of the time we just relaxed, watched movies, took naps, and played games... we also played Frisbee-golf and went Christmas caroling....and ate food. LOTS of food.


Christmas Eve dinner was amazing as always.

The rest of the trip we spent relaxing at the beach house. Don’t be deceived, it wasn’t as warm as it looks. Last year it was in the 60s. This year it was in the low 40s. Lame. But it was still fun. I absolutely LOVE the ocean.

Especially the sunsets!

I threw a piece of bread up in the air, and ten minutes later, Jared and I had about 30 seagulls flying above us wanting bread too! They came pretty close, but none would eat them out of our hands this year. Here is a video mel made of our seagulls from last year. If you dont wanna watch the whole thing, just fast forward to the end. Thats the cool part. :)

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The rest of the trip we spent in Utah with Jared’s side of the Fam. Grrr I forgot to pull out my camera AGAIN. I promise I will next trip. We had fun there too, pretty much doing the same things we did in NC. Thanks Bruce and Cathi for putting up with us!

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