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Here is our little guy!

16 February 2010

Here's Bauer! He is such a cutie. When we first got him he was really timid and shy, but today he started to open up. He would follow us around EVERYWHERE and kept trying to nibble at our toes and fingers. As our neighbor Carley says 20 min of puppy play = 2 hours of puppy sleep, and she was right! He's been sleeping about 18 hours a day. He keeps finding the wierdest places to fall asleep. like right now he is sleeping in Jared's closet with his head resting on his tennis shoes. Earlier today we found him asleep in the crack of the couch underneath a pillow! He's been doing very good with his crate training, we only put him in when we are going to bed at night, and when we leave the house. but so far, so good! Here are some pics Jared's friend took... ill put more up later.


  1. i have to come meet him!! He is adorable!!

  2. p.s. if you ever need a puppy sitter, you know who to call :)


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