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07 February 2010

We got a puppy!! Well, sorta. we drove 2 hours away to a breeder in western idaho... picked out the puppy we wanted, and then put down a reservation deposit. The pup is only six weeks old, so we dont get to pick him up for another week and a half (after all of the shots and heart worm medication) We were going to get one in utah, but it got sold before we could get there. Golden Retriever puppies get sold so quickly! They are the ultimate family dog. but im glad the pup in utah fell through, because the pup we chose is the cutest little golden retriever EVER! I know I know, golden retrievers are big and shed... but he is the smallest of the ELEVEN puppies, and the cutest, and the most chill. We are just going to have to brush him daily and wash him weekly, and constantly keep air fresheners going so our apartment will still smell good... but it will be worth it. Goldens are so easy to train, love to play, always gentle, and are the ultimate people pleasers. plus, they are the one type of dog that looks cute when it is a pup, and an adult. :) What will the new puppy's name be....?


  1. YAY puppies are awesome post pictures!!

  2. I am so so jealous!! Please please let me come over and play with him!!!

  3. For sure! we'll have to do a couples movie night over at our place soon!


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