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Our little pup is growing up

30 March 2010

The first one was taken when he was 7 weeks old. The second one was taken when he was 12 weeks old (He's 13 weeeks now)
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Stupid colds.

27 March 2010

I'm stuck inside all weekend, because I have a stupid cold. Stuffy nose, headache sore throat, cough, got it all. The worst part of it is being so tired, but too miserable to sleep. But the positive? I lost over 5lbs this week! and I have been eating like crazy. I mean, this is what I ate yesterday: a pancake, sausage, eggs, a granola bar 4 pieces of pizza, half a bag of salt and vinegar chips, a can of chicken soup, and 5 chocolate chip cookies...all just yesterday and still managed to lose 2 lbs. Jared has been taking good care of me and has been spoiling me rotten. If anyone wants this diet of: stuff your face with junkfood and still lose weight, feel free to come over and keep me company, and i'm sure you will come down with this nasty-yet kind of fun- cold too. :)

Pictures from this semester

24 March 2010

We played Frisbee Golf last weekend with our friends Aaron and Courtney Foye, and Garrett and Ashley Tracy in Idaho Falls. It was a pretty good course, but hard to play in the wind. We saw this tree and thought it would make a good picture spot. I like it.

Bauer is getting HUGE! Last week he was 12lbs...this week he is 17! Look how long his legs are now. Anyways, his potty training is going well. He rings the bells we have hanging on the door when he needs to go out. (which is about 50 times a day it seems) but he is cute, that's my long skinny puppy!
We are standing on a frozen pond in this picture. It was about a 20 inches thick where we were standing, but Jared and Garrett made the mistake of walking on ice that was near the running water (which was only 4 inches thick)...I was turned around walking back when I heard "crackle crackle CRACKLE..AAhhhhhhhhhhhh RUN!!!" and turned around to see Jared and Garrett safely back on the thick ice laughing, while behind them the ice was completely cracked and floating on the water. Crazy boys.
We wanted to see how Bauer would react to the ducks. We were hoping he would chase them around and show them who's boss. However, most of the ducks were twice as big as Bauer...and he ran away from them. Hahah! Maybe in a few weeks he'll start chasing them.

I decided to do cheerleading this semester, because I graduate in July, and this was my last chance to cheer. As you can tell, we had a HUGE team. I think it was 10 guys and 22 girls. It was kinda hard cheering this semester because our coach kept switching our stunt groups around. But it made things interesting (thats me on the top right). I was a flyer most of the time, but I got to base and front a little bit, AND I got to back spot for my first time ever! haha I'm way too short to back, but it was fun trying it out.

Made me smile

19 March 2010

I was just looking through my old pics...and here is what I came across. This was last summer with my nieces and nephews. The video is too cute.

After School Program

There are only 2 weeks left of after school program. I'm happy, but kinda sad too. I'm gonna miss the kids, but I wont miss the long hours of preparation it takes to put together lessons and teach them. The following is a conversation over heard between a kindergartner and a 1st grader the other day. It was funny, but really sad at the same time. Here it is:

Kindergartner: I hate it when parents fight.
1st grader: me too.
Kindergartner: Especially when they use bad words, because you know what that means.
1st grader: huh?
Kindergartner: It means they go down there (he whispers as he points to the ground)
1st grader: huh?
Kindergartner: They go down to the devil.
1st grader: Oh. I know.

Like I said, so cute, but really sad too.


08 March 2010

Nothin much new going on today, except that there is NO AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM!! whooo hooo! That's an extra 5 hours I have all to myself today. I plan on:
-going to the gym with Jared
- getting my homework done early
-cleaning the kitchen
-cooking dinner
-doing a group project for my communications class
-writing a lesson plan on Helen Keller for next weeks after school program
-taking Bauer on a walk. Poor little shapoopie. He hasn't eaten or drank anything all day! I dont know whats wrong with him. Our neighbors bought Bauer's brother, so we dog sat him while they were in Utah this weekend. They had so much fun together! but now all Bauer has been doing is laying around all day...maybe he is depressed, and that why he isnt eating?? or maybe he is actually sick?

Couldn't do with out.

Cousin Carolyn! She is one friend I just couldn't do with out. Our moms used to dress us up in matching outfits when we were little. I remember one time I was visiting Carolyn in Austin, Texas (we were about 6?) We went to her dentist appointment, and told EVERYONE we were twins...and we actually thought they all believed us. lol

After going to many family reunions together, and EFY... facebook and gmail chat was invented. :) and now we talk all the time! love love love my cousin Carolyn!