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08 March 2010

Nothin much new going on today, except that there is NO AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM!! whooo hooo! That's an extra 5 hours I have all to myself today. I plan on:
-going to the gym with Jared
- getting my homework done early
-cleaning the kitchen
-cooking dinner
-doing a group project for my communications class
-writing a lesson plan on Helen Keller for next weeks after school program
-taking Bauer on a walk. Poor little shapoopie. He hasn't eaten or drank anything all day! I dont know whats wrong with him. Our neighbors bought Bauer's brother, so we dog sat him while they were in Utah this weekend. They had so much fun together! but now all Bauer has been doing is laying around all day...maybe he is depressed, and that why he isnt eating?? or maybe he is actually sick?


  1. aww maybe he is going to be an emotional dog like sophie and get all depressed. did you give him a lick of peanutbutter?

  2. oh sophalumpagus.
    no, we havent let him have any people food yet. We took him to the vet, and they gave him heart worm medication, and now he is all better! :)


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