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27 April 2010

We watched this in one of my Child Development classes. I love it. :)

Year FULL of changes

25 April 2010

This year has definitely been the most life changing year of our lives.

1) We got engaged!
2) We got married!
3) We found out we are expecting a baby!!!
We are so happy and couldn't be more excited! Here is the baby's first ultra sound picture!

The baby is still tiny (the size of a small plum) but already has arms, legs, toes, fingers, and...fingernails??!? Crazy!

 Here is how Jared and I told our parents that we were pregnant:
We bought some fortune cookies from our local Chinese restaurant, and very carefully removed the fortunes with tweezers.  Then, we printed out our own fortunes that said something along the lines of "You will be getting a new grandchild" and at the bottom we put my due date. After that we slipped our new fortunes into the fortune cookies.  
We planned a lunch with BOTH sets of our parents at a Chinese restaurant. Jared quietly slipped away before we got our meals, and asked the waiter if he would bring our special fortune cookies out to us on a plate.
They all opened the cookies and read the fortunes at the same time (jared and I played along too). My dad laughed when he read his and said: "Hahaha! Mine says I'm going to be a grandpa, that's funny." Then my mom gets a shocked look on her faces and gasps: "MINE SAYS THE SAME THING!!"  Then they all realized that it wasn't a coincidence that they all got the same fortune and said: "YOU ARE PREGNANT?!?!?" and that was that! It was brilliant, and our parents were totally surprised, and very happy about it to say the least.

Bloody Murder

21 April 2010

For our spring break we went to SLC to visit Jareds family, my family, and to watch Ben, Mere, Uncle Wayne, Aunt Debbie, and Carolyn run the SLC Marathon. We had a blast!

For the majority of the time, we stayed the night at the Jagers house (my in-laws). They are such a cute family with 5 adorable little kids. We stayed in the basement while everyone else slept upstairs. Anyways, this is where Jared got the brilliant idea to watch a scary movie that our neighbors gave us. It was called The Orphan. We watched the edited version of it, because we don't watch R rated movies... but anyways, there we were watching the movie at 2:30am while everyone else was sleeping, when it happened. The most embarrassing moment of my life. It wasn't even really that great of a movie... until the last 20 minutes. I screamed bloody murder at the top of my lungs. I dont even know how it happened. Just two seconds before jared had said "watch its gonna show the little Russian girl running through the forest with a bloody knife twards the deaf child and her mother." He was right, of course. but I couldn't hold back the scream. It was the loudest scream I have ever screamed in my life. Jared instantly shut the laptop screen and said "char you just woke everyone up, they are probably going to call the police!!" I then started shaking, and with sweat dripping down my back, I plead with jared to go upstairs with me and tell everyone that I was okay... but then we remembered that Sean, (my brother in-law) had 10 guns upstairs, and we were sure he was just standing there waiting for the murderer to come upstairs. Jared and I stood at the bottom of the stairs whispering "Sean, don't shoot, its just us"...over and over again. When we didnt get a reply, we crept upstairs to find nothing. Everyone was sound asleep. We sighed. Jared laughed at me. and then I made him watch Up with me until I fell asleep.

Waiting for the train to come to take us to the Marathon.

Me and Jare-Bear after the Music and the Spoken Word.
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08 April 2010

Finals week is finally here. This is BY FAR the most relaxing week of school I have ever experienced. I'm not saying that sarcastically either. Some might find that hard to believe, considering I took 17 upper level credits this semester. Most of my classes had a heavy work load at the beginning of the semester, so that when it came to the last 2 weeks, we were pretty much done with all of our work. I have been bored out of my mind this week, and found my self thinking "is this what it is going to be like when I graduate in 3 months?" multiple times a day. I feel a little guilty too, because Jared has TWO chemistry exams, a physics exam, and a biology exam...All within 48 hours of each other. Poor guy. He has been studying LIKE CRAZY. He comes home completely exhausted from studying at night... to the extent that his brain hurts and can no longer absorb any more information. Then, he dreams about what he has been studying all day, and has to do calculations and come up with formulas in his sleep! UGGHHH I feel so bad for him! Four more days, I keep telling myself, til we get to escape Rexburg and go to Utah. I can't wait to see my parents and cousin Carolyn!!

BAUER...and the Easter basket.

05 April 2010

Today was mine and Jared's first Easter together as a family.....lets say it together "awwwww!" No, the Easter bunny didn't visit us this year, but I did get out my Easter basket that Jare gave me last Easter, and this is how we discovered that Bauer has a weird little quirk. He is absolutely TERRIFIED of it. Don't believe me? Watch the video.

Life saver.

01 April 2010

Yesterday was my last day teaching at Lincoln Elementary After School Program. We had a lesson on Hawaii, and the children made leis out of candy and construction paper for one of the activities. After the day was over, I was sitting in the library and watched one of my students, a five-year-old boy named Joseph, pop a hard piece of candy into his mouth. I looked back a minute later and Joseph's face was purple, he was frantically waiving his arms, and he was making weird noises with his throat. The teachers near by were just staring at him. I jumped up, ran to him and did the Heimlich and got the candy out... which he then swallowed again (this time it made it all the way down his throat), and then he started screaming and crying. I dont know if he was crying because it hurt or because he was scared. Probably both. Anyways what surprised me was that I didn't freak out, and I didn't even really have to think about what I was doing. It just happened, and I'm glad I was there to help :)