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Year FULL of changes

25 April 2010

This year has definitely been the most life changing year of our lives.

1) We got engaged!
2) We got married!
3) We found out we are expecting a baby!!!
We are so happy and couldn't be more excited! Here is the baby's first ultra sound picture!

The baby is still tiny (the size of a small plum) but already has arms, legs, toes, fingers, and...fingernails??!? Crazy!

 Here is how Jared and I told our parents that we were pregnant:
We bought some fortune cookies from our local Chinese restaurant, and very carefully removed the fortunes with tweezers.  Then, we printed out our own fortunes that said something along the lines of "You will be getting a new grandchild" and at the bottom we put my due date. After that we slipped our new fortunes into the fortune cookies.  
We planned a lunch with BOTH sets of our parents at a Chinese restaurant. Jared quietly slipped away before we got our meals, and asked the waiter if he would bring our special fortune cookies out to us on a plate.
They all opened the cookies and read the fortunes at the same time (jared and I played along too). My dad laughed when he read his and said: "Hahaha! Mine says I'm going to be a grandpa, that's funny." Then my mom gets a shocked look on her faces and gasps: "MINE SAYS THE SAME THING!!"  Then they all realized that it wasn't a coincidence that they all got the same fortune and said: "YOU ARE PREGNANT?!?!?" and that was that! It was brilliant, and our parents were totally surprised, and very happy about it to say the least.


  1. congrats!!!

    i came across your facebook and from there landed exciting!!!

  2. Congrats! That is awesome news! When are you due? I'm due at the end of October. I'm totally jealous that you went to MWC. I wish so much I could have Dr. Alred deliver this next little one. He is seriously the best! Good luck surviving the 1st trimester!

  3. Awww thats so cool! Im due in Nov. 1 more week... and i'm outa the 1st trimester woohooo! I'll have to look Dr. Alred up!


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