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Big Boy!

05 May 2010

I have an announcement to make. Bauer has officially graduated to a big boy collar! His puppy collar got too tight, so we splurged and bought him a fancy $5 collar at walmart. With his new big boy collar, comes the privilege of sleeping at the foot of our bed (instead of his crate) at night. We still put him in his crate when we leave home, but he doesn't seem to mind.

My cooking skills have been improving! With the exception of today. I burned Mac & Cheese. "How do you even do that?! " you might ask. Well...first you boil and drain the noodles and add all of the ingredients. Then, you take a bite and decide the noodles aren't cooked enough, so you add a little extra milk and put it on the heat for 2 minutes. Then, you return to the pot, to find your precious Mac & Cheese burnt and RUINED. Mac & Cheese is my favorite, and I have been making it for myself since I was about 5. I burn it for the first time now that i'm 21. Seem a little backwards to you? oh well...

Welp, I should probably get back to my mound of homework I have waiting for me.


  1. I don't know why but didn't you burn the Mac and Cheese when you and Jared were dating?!! lol don't feel bad i made mac and cheese but instead of draining the water from the pot i put the cheese in with the noodles and the water watery mac with no cheese. Oh i like your signature how do you get it on your blog?

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  3. just click on the signature and it will take you to the website


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