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I'm gonna be one of "those" moms

18 May 2010

This is Bauer and his friend Tator playing outside our apartment. Our grass is finally green! (thank goodness)

I just uploaded all of the pictures from my camera to my computer. 15 out of 16 of the pictures were of Bauer, and I couldn't help but think to myself "oh no. i'm gonna be one of those moms." You know the ones im talking about...the kind that take a million pictures of their kids each day... Our baby isn't even born yet, but I already can't help taking millions of pictures of my puppy. He is just sooo cute! oh well. There is nothing wrong with being one of those moms, right melanie? ;) We just got back from the doctors today, and got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time! The doctor said the heart beat "sounds like a boy" We weren't surprised to hear this, because both jared and I both think it is going to be a boy too! What do you think it will be? Nobody has guessed a girl yet...

Jared must have taken this picture. You know how I know? BECAUSE BAUER IS NOT ALLOWED ON THE COUCH! I've been going to bed around 11:30 or 12 each night, but Jared has been staying up til 1am or 2am doing homework. I'm guessing that is when he snuck Bowbow up on the couch. mmmHmmm busted jared! but I have to admit, this picture did make me laugh. Bauer still sleeps in the weirdest positions! It's hard to snap a picture when he is actually sleeping though, because he has a camera radar and always wakes up, just before you snap the picture.


  1. There is NOTHING wrong with being one of "THOSE" moms! hahaha!
    I like all the pics of BowBow. Esp the one of him on the couch! hahaha!

  2. PS. I think it's gonna be a GIRL! And i can't believe ur doc said that it sounded like a boy heartbeat! what the heck!?

  3. when do you actually find out what it is?....

  4. 4 weeks! hopefully right before cal's wedding

  5. haha bowbow sleeps crazy like cricket. when we dogsat sophie, guess where i found her 3 times? on the chair! ummmmm....

    i think boy. not sure why, but i can picture you with a lil dude.


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