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02 May 2010

It was warm outside today, so I decided to put a tropical background on the blog.... hoping to jinx the weather to stay that way :) We'll see, there was a 'hail mixed with snow' storm yesterday while we were out on our date night. We went to the dollar movie and saw "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". It was pretty funny! Definitely worth a dollar.

It's one of those movies that is fun to quote. Our favorite is: "Wanna see my secret lucky freckle?....(awkward pubescent voice) It has a HAIR in itttt!!! "

I haven't put a picture of Bauer up in a while, so here he is! Weighing in at 34lbs!

Poor little guy got neutered this week. This is what he did when we told him he would never be a daddy. "AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! You did whatttt?!?!?"

I picked Bauer up from the vet and he was still drunk from the anesthesia. I mean trippin over his paws, walking into doors... it was pretty sad. Ever since we brought him home though, he has been back to normal.

Jared made me cookies today :) Right before I took this pic he said "If you take any pictures you wont get any cookies!" I then snapped 3 more pics, and he still gave me all the cookies I wanted. I love him. He's gonna make a great daddy.

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