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School projects, weddings and moving!

29 June 2010

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, but its only been a week. pfff. So here is what has been going on lately:

1) For my Young Adult Lit class, I had to create a collage from pictures in magazines to demonstrate what the novel was about. I had to do mine on a book called The Witches Boy. The book is about a an ugly boy named Lump who was raised by a witch. There were lots of fairy-tales incorporated through out the book, like Cinderella, Hansel and Gretal ect... there were also fairies and talking cats. So I spent forever trying to find pictures from magazines that would tell this story. It was pretty much impossible. I should have just chosen a different project to do (because we had a few options) but No. For some reason that day I was determined to finish what I had started (pregnancy hormones). After being frustrated for 2 WHOLE HOURS I finally just grabbed a glue stick and globbed everything on the poster. Then I took a look at it and started to cry because it looked SO horrible. Seriously, I think a second grader could have done a better job than I did.

Then, Jared tried to make me feel better by saying "it isnt so bad." but then he took a closer look at the poster couldn't help laughing. So then it made me laugh too, and this was the result. Preggo char laughing and crying at the same time over a stupid school assignment.

2) This weekend we went to Boise, because my brother Calvin got married! It was a beautiful wedding, and I love my new sister in-law~

Here is a picture of the fam! Everybody but my brother in-law Dean was able to make it. It was a very short trip, but I enjoyed spending the time with my family.

Most of the family left Saturday morning, so we spent all day Saturday in Boise shopping at REAL malls with our friends Aaron and Courtney, and my brother and his family. The reason I say REAL malls, is because we dont have any around here. Rexburg has 2 grocery stores, a wal-mart, and a k-mart. That is pretty much it.

3) Lastly, we have been busy getting ready to move into our new apartment! The new apartment is smaller than the one we have now, but it is SOOOO much nicer. Anyways, to fit into the new apartment we had to sell our huge couch and projector. :( So our living room is pretty much naked right now. A new smaller couch and TV is on the way though! More pics later~
These are just some pics we took before church yesterday (please excuse the weird spacing and fonts... i dont know whats going on with my blog right now)

My belly isn't the only thing growin in this house. Check out this big guy!

Bauer doesn’t seem to notice that his body is getting bigger! He goes to play with our neighbor’s tiny puppy, and just tramples all over the little pup. And then when we “invite” him on the couch, he tries to snuggle up on our laps like he did when he was 10 lbs. He’s cute tho, he makes us laugh with his weird quarks.

Speaking of weird quarks… Bauer is TERRIFIED of this little popcorn bucket. (probably because we make him sit in it)

This is the look of pure fear on his face.

Oh and then here is is tail between his legs. Isn't he huge?!
I used to be able to hold him in ONE of my hands. Now he's just a big sissy. but we love him, he's turning out to be a really sweet dog.


17 June 2010

Jared and I walked out of our apartment earlier today, and as we turned around the corner, we saw our neighbor's Basset Hound, Hewie, laying flat on his back, as they were sweeping a metal detector over his abdomen. As we walked by we heard BEEP..BEEP..BEEP. Yup, wedding ring.

Concrete Angel

15 June 2010

We watched this in one of my classes today. It actually made me cry.

Jared the Scientist.

14 June 2010

We were sitting on the couch earlier tonight, when Jared got a random idea.

Jared: "I wonder if I can make Bauer yawn by yawning myself. You know, like when you're in a room and one person yawns, and pretty soon everyone is yawning?"

Char: "Hahah! Yeah right. Good luck with that one."

To my amazement, Bauer actually yawned after Jared did! I know what you are thinking. "That was just a coincidence." am I right? Well, if you are thinking that, you are WRONG.

Jared and I both took MANY turns after that yawning. With out fail, every single time, Bauer would yawn immediately after us.

Do we just have one crazy weird dog, or does yours do it too?!? Try it out with your dog, and report back to me. I mean it.

Easy? I think not.

10 June 2010

Being pregnant is NOT easy. Sure yeah, "eat a lot of food, relax, take an extra nap." Okay, I can deal with that part, but why doesn't anybody ever mention the mood swings? I mean HOLY COW! I used to be one of those lucky girls who was always in a good mood. Being pregnant is a different story however. I can't believe half the words that come out of my mouth sometimes. Jared is always like "you choose what mood you want to be in." but I swear I cant help it :) It just happens.
Some days are like this:

Other days it is the complete opposite. Nothing but sunshine and rainbows. I'll even cry because I'm so happy sometimes. Jared will come home from school, and ask me "whats wrong? why are you crying?" and the reason? "Oh i'm just so happy you are home!" not even kidding. True story.

However, this is the face Jared gets to see most often:

My pouty sad face, with tears rolling down the cheeks. Reasons? Most of the time I have NO CLUE why. Just part of being preggo I guess. I'm just glad I have such an amazing husband who supports me through all of these roller coaster emotions I am going through. Couldn't do it without him. Not even for a day.

ps I felt the baby move three times this week!!

Just another week

05 June 2010

We went to the cabin for our Memorial day weekend. We brought Bauer, and he absolutely LOVED it.
...and apparently everyone else LOVED him too. Here are my nieces OBSESSING over him. Seriously. So cute :)
We played a couple games of latter ball. aka the BESTEST GAME EVER.

And of course the trip wouldn't be complete without a card game night.
Here's the 16 week belly pic

Baby is growing!