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Easy? I think not.

10 June 2010

Being pregnant is NOT easy. Sure yeah, "eat a lot of food, relax, take an extra nap." Okay, I can deal with that part, but why doesn't anybody ever mention the mood swings? I mean HOLY COW! I used to be one of those lucky girls who was always in a good mood. Being pregnant is a different story however. I can't believe half the words that come out of my mouth sometimes. Jared is always like "you choose what mood you want to be in." but I swear I cant help it :) It just happens.
Some days are like this:

Other days it is the complete opposite. Nothing but sunshine and rainbows. I'll even cry because I'm so happy sometimes. Jared will come home from school, and ask me "whats wrong? why are you crying?" and the reason? "Oh i'm just so happy you are home!" not even kidding. True story.

However, this is the face Jared gets to see most often:

My pouty sad face, with tears rolling down the cheeks. Reasons? Most of the time I have NO CLUE why. Just part of being preggo I guess. I'm just glad I have such an amazing husband who supports me through all of these roller coaster emotions I am going through. Couldn't do it without him. Not even for a day.

ps I felt the baby move three times this week!!


  1. the hormones are worse than high school for sure!! good luck!

  2. lol! Tell me about it.

    ps. how many weeks r u now??

  3. haahaa!!!!....and your not even half way done!!!!

    but at least you realize your moods....i thought i didnt have a lot of mood swings, and i was pretty good for being prego....BUT aparently, ben says i was awful!....he just wouldnt say anything because he didnt want to set me off again!

    and it is always a cool feeling when you feel the makes more real.

  4. Well, if it makes you feel any better, you don't seem moody around your friends. You just get to take it out on the one person that has to love you! Oh, poor husbands. They have a really hard role in pregnancy, too. They have to put up with us!!!

  5. aleece- MUCH worse

    Mel-I just started my 18th week! so almost halfway done!

    Mere- Oh Jared says something let me tell you! and it usually makes my mood worse :) lol he needs to takes some tips from Ben sounds like.

    Courtney- Yeah its sad, im ALWAYS in a good mood around friends, but i guess i just slip up around Jared, because i know he's stuck with me forever, and cant decide "not to be friends anymore" lol

  6. that is terrible about the mood swings but that is so wonderful that you felt the baby!!


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