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Jared the Scientist.

14 June 2010

We were sitting on the couch earlier tonight, when Jared got a random idea.

Jared: "I wonder if I can make Bauer yawn by yawning myself. You know, like when you're in a room and one person yawns, and pretty soon everyone is yawning?"

Char: "Hahah! Yeah right. Good luck with that one."

To my amazement, Bauer actually yawned after Jared did! I know what you are thinking. "That was just a coincidence." am I right? Well, if you are thinking that, you are WRONG.

Jared and I both took MANY turns after that yawning. With out fail, every single time, Bauer would yawn immediately after us.

Do we just have one crazy weird dog, or does yours do it too?!? Try it out with your dog, and report back to me. I mean it.

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