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Just another week

05 June 2010

We went to the cabin for our Memorial day weekend. We brought Bauer, and he absolutely LOVED it.
...and apparently everyone else LOVED him too. Here are my nieces OBSESSING over him. Seriously. So cute :)
We played a couple games of latter ball. aka the BESTEST GAME EVER.

And of course the trip wouldn't be complete without a card game night.
Here's the 16 week belly pic

Baby is growing!


  1. K, rome just deleted my ENTIRE comment. ANNOYING!

    Um, I said Bauer looks like a DEER in that first pic! Seriously! His fur looks very deerish! And he blends into the background!

    And I can't believe how much you're showing! It's cute! And omg the cheesey heart belly pic... You guys are cheesier than i thought!

    Oh, and ps. you should enlarge the pics... like i think they're on "med" make them large. It's easier to see w/o clicking on them.

  2. Yeah sometimes bauer looks like a dear, but he acts like Simba from Lion King, they way he pounces on things. lol I call him my little lion.

    I know, its so weird to see how much bigger my belly gets each month. but still nobody notices that im preggo yet. im not even in the stage where people are like "is she pregnant? or just a little chubby.." they just dont even notice. I guess pictures are a little deceiving.

  3. oh and i know. I love it! we are super cheesy! but not the kind of cheesy like dads jokes. More of a sweet kind of cheese. We are sweet cheese! :p


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