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These are just some pics we took before church yesterday (please excuse the weird spacing and fonts... i dont know whats going on with my blog right now)

My belly isn't the only thing growin in this house. Check out this big guy!

Bauer doesn’t seem to notice that his body is getting bigger! He goes to play with our neighbor’s tiny puppy, and just tramples all over the little pup. And then when we “invite” him on the couch, he tries to snuggle up on our laps like he did when he was 10 lbs. He’s cute tho, he makes us laugh with his weird quarks.

Speaking of weird quarks… Bauer is TERRIFIED of this little popcorn bucket. (probably because we make him sit in it)

This is the look of pure fear on his face.

Oh and then here is is tail between his legs. Isn't he huge?!
I used to be able to hold him in ONE of my hands. Now he's just a big sissy. but we love him, he's turning out to be a really sweet dog.

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  1. Aw, that's so cute! I'm glad he's a good doggy! Hopefully he won't trample your baby, tho! big klunker!


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