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Summer Break!

28 July 2010

The break from school has been SOO nice. This time last year we were hurrying getting wedding plans in order, and it was just crazy. Now, we have no stresses, or big things we need to get done, and its been RELAXING. We love spending time together. Together is our favorite place to be!

This week we have been doing things we have wanted to do in Idaho, but have never had the time to do. We went to the Grand Teton Dam Museum in Rexburg, and then we drove out to the actual dam itself!This is the Dam that broke 30 years ago, after only 8 months of being used. It flooded many cities, and a few people were even killed. They were lucky that it broke at noon, and people had time to get to cover. The water traveled over 60 mph!

We also went to Idaho Falls and had a pick-nick at sunset up by the windmills. I had been wanting to do that since my freshman year of college, and we finally did it now that im graduated.
mmmmm juicy watermelon. One of my favorite parts about summer!
And then our pick-nick ended to this gorgeous sunset!


  1. wow! those picnic pics are gorgeous!!

  2. We actually had a lesson in RS last Sunday and the teacher talked about how she lived there when the Dam broke and how incredible all the service that was shown from all over the state and Utah. They had to go pick up all the dead drown animals before disease hit and shovel mud out of people's houses.


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