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Happy 1st Anniversary to US!!!

29 August 2010

Today is mine and Jared's 1st Anniversary!! This year has just flown by, but at the same time... looking back.. a lot has happened!

-We went on our first cruise
-We moved into our first apartment together
-We got a puppy
-I graduated from college
-Jared has been preparing to take the MCAT, which he takes in 5 days!
-We found out I was pregnant
-Jared was the director over the Fitness Activities program on campus (over hundreds of students)
-I survived my first (and hopefully only) winter in polar Rexburg, Idaho
-Jared got promoted to Team Lead for his job on campus
-I was coordinator over the Cheerleading and Dance teams on campus
-Jared received full tuition academic scholarships every semester this year
-We made many trips to see family (Utah 8 times, North Carolina 2 times, Arizona, and Boise)
-and we made enough memories to last a lifetime

Here is our wedding video that my sister, Melanie, made us:
click on the video to watch on youtube. I dont know why it is choppy
on the blog.

Mr. and Mrs. Antczak

Married for time and through all eternity in the house of our Lord.
I know that a lot of my friends aren't of the same faith as me,
so here is a link that explains what the temple is, and why it
is so important to us.

So happy!

I love him, with all of my heart.

I married my best friend.

August 29, 2009 - Eternity

Just another weird quirk

26 August 2010

Yes, this is another post dedicated to my dog. Get over it. :p He is just so stinkin funny! Lately he has really been into watching TV. His favorite show is animal planet. He will just sit there and stare at the tv, especially if he sees or hears another dog. It's so funny!

I have been guilty of turning the tv on animal planet this week.... just for him. I wonder what he will surprise us with next.

Ps. It is mine and Jared's first anniversary on Sunday!! Can you believe its already been a whole year? Man that flew by.

Trip # 2

20 August 2010

This is my gorgeous family!
(sorry ben, meredith, cal, and courtney couldnt make it this year)

We had a blast spending time with the fam at the beach house.

We are a pretty cool family.

Relaxin on the beach. The water was soooo warm, it was amazing.

Watching the sunrise over the ocean from the back porch! So pretty.
Why was I up this early? b/c the little kicker in my belly woke me up.
He tends to do that a lot. Especially when I want to sleep.

Here we are at 27 weeks! We get to meet him in just 13 more weeks!

And of course a blogpost wouldnt be complete without a picture of the Pooch.
This was just after he had his bath. We just switched him over from Baby Magic to
Kidz Shampoo. He smells sooooo good! mmmmm

Trip #1 Arizona

11 August 2010

This week we went to Arizona for my beautiful cousin Carolyn's wedding!!

I loved her colors. This time last year she was a bridesmaid at my wedding, it was fun getting to be HER bridesmaid this year. MUCH more relaxing. :)

The little baby bump is no longer little. People I dont even know ask me when I'm due. It's kind of exciting.
The little kicks are getting bigger too! I'll be laying in bed about to fall asleep, and he'll kick me really hard. It has made me jump and yelp many times, which freaks Jared out and he asks "whats wrong?!" then, I have to embarrassingly tell him that I just forgot I was pregnant, but the kick reminded me! I'm one of those lucky ones who hasn't felt uncomfortable yet. I'm sure that part of being pregnant will come soon enough. 14 weeks left to go!