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Trip #1 Arizona

11 August 2010

This week we went to Arizona for my beautiful cousin Carolyn's wedding!!

I loved her colors. This time last year she was a bridesmaid at my wedding, it was fun getting to be HER bridesmaid this year. MUCH more relaxing. :)

The little baby bump is no longer little. People I dont even know ask me when I'm due. It's kind of exciting.
The little kicks are getting bigger too! I'll be laying in bed about to fall asleep, and he'll kick me really hard. It has made me jump and yelp many times, which freaks Jared out and he asks "whats wrong?!" then, I have to embarrassingly tell him that I just forgot I was pregnant, but the kick reminded me! I'm one of those lucky ones who hasn't felt uncomfortable yet. I'm sure that part of being pregnant will come soon enough. 14 weeks left to go!


  1. Have you guys thought of any names yet?!

  2. I hate to say "just wait" but..... just wait. The bigger the belly gets the more your back tends to ache.

    You look so cute Char. :) I wish we could be pregnant in the same city.


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