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Trip # 2

20 August 2010

This is my gorgeous family!
(sorry ben, meredith, cal, and courtney couldnt make it this year)

We had a blast spending time with the fam at the beach house.

We are a pretty cool family.

Relaxin on the beach. The water was soooo warm, it was amazing.

Watching the sunrise over the ocean from the back porch! So pretty.
Why was I up this early? b/c the little kicker in my belly woke me up.
He tends to do that a lot. Especially when I want to sleep.

Here we are at 27 weeks! We get to meet him in just 13 more weeks!

And of course a blogpost wouldnt be complete without a picture of the Pooch.
This was just after he had his bath. We just switched him over from Baby Magic to
Kidz Shampoo. He smells sooooo good! mmmmm

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