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HM forever baby!

27 September 2010

Why am I so obsessed? She can't sing worth diddly....she's not very pretty...and she most definitely doesn't have the best acting skills. but for some reason...

I LOVE her! PARTY IN THE USA whatttt?!?!? Obsessed with that song. I know most people hate her....but not me! Not gonna lie, I even watch Hannah Montana on disney channel. Her new season Hannah Montana Forever, is fantastic. Jared is such a good sport and watches it with me :) now THAT'S true love.

Jared has been keeping himself busy with school and work. I try not to distract him or steal too much of his time while he is doing homework, but most nights I fail, and we end up talking, laughing, eating food, and playing with Bauer together. Life has been pretty relaxing for me these last few weeks. I'm still completing my internship at the preschool, and loving it.

There is this one kid in particular who cracks me up. He is 5 years old, and still cant pronounce the "K" sound. He pronounces all of his "K's" with a "T" sound instead. For example, at preschool today he was trying to say-What should I maKe? Instead he pronounced it "What should I mate?" A few weeks ago, Ms Kari got a new kitten! and she told us that instead of saying- Ms Kari, Can I pet your kitty? He said, "Ms Tari, Can I pet your titty?" LOL kids are so funny!

The Cabin video

25 September 2010

I finally finished The Cabin video! We LOVE going to the cabin. Staying up late playing games...eating all of the best foods...falling asleep to the sound of the crick...waking up to all of the nieces and nephews giggling and playing...going on walks...watching "the kids" dance...riding four wheelers... watching Bauer spaz out and eat every stick and pine-cone in sight....watching the kids spaz out over bauer...and most of all, spending time with family.

It's basically a bunch of random pictures and video clips I have taken from summer 2009-summer 2010.... so if you aren't an Antczak, you will probably think this is boring, but feel free to watch anyways!

Crib Bedding

19 September 2010

There are SO many cute baby girl crib bedding sets out there... but cute crib bedding for baby boys is hard to come by. I only found a few online that I actually liked, but they were WAY too expensive. Even if I had the money, I don't think I could bring myself to spend $600+ on crib bedding. Anyways, so I went to the fabric store...found this cute fabric, and made it myself! I still need a crib mattress and crib sheets, but here it is:

It surprisingly wasn't too hard to make either! It just took a REALLY long time. Which is why I made it over the break, because I knew once I started teaching preschool I would never have the time. oh and PS. that fabric is THE SOFTEST fabric in the entire world.

31 1/2 weeks! No belly stretch marks yet, and fingers crossed it stays that way! I've been putting coco butter on like a mad woman, even though I can't STAND the smell of it. Anyone know of any alternate stretch mark creams that dont smell so bad?!

Summer Days, Drifting Away

09 September 2010

It is already starting to get colder here in Rexburg, and i'm NOT ready for it. My sister, Emily, took these pictures while we were at the beach the other week, and I wanna go back so bad! Apparently when I'm pregnant, not only my belly grows bigger...but my entire body just gets gigantic. Oh well, I might not be able to squeeze into my size 2 pants anymore, but that's just a small price to pay for such a beautiful miracle. Besides, stretchy maternity pants are surprisingly more comfortable anyways.

Baby Bump!

I loved spending every minute of the summer break with my husband. Jared's first day of school was today, and I almost cried. lol I was all "Don't go to school! Stay home with me PLEEEEZE?" but that combined with the pouty face didn't work. Hard knock life, let me tell you.

I decided that I am going to be WAY out numbered in 2 months, but that's okay.
Jared, Baby, and Bauer are my boys.

Preschool teacher? That's me!

01 September 2010

I started my internship at Kinder-Ready Kids Preschool this week! I absolutely love it. I teach a morning class of 4-5 year olds, and then and afternoon class of 3 year olds. They are sooo cute, and it makes me excited to open up my own preschool someday.

Favorite quotes from preschool this week:

4 year old class:
Rhett: "Whats your name?"
Hazel: "Hazel."
Rhett: "oh, Do you want to play superheroes with me?"

Hazel: "No."
Rhett: "Well, Do you want to marry me then?"
3 year old class:

Easton: "Are you done swinging yet? You're slower than my grandma"!