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Crib Bedding

19 September 2010

There are SO many cute baby girl crib bedding sets out there... but cute crib bedding for baby boys is hard to come by. I only found a few online that I actually liked, but they were WAY too expensive. Even if I had the money, I don't think I could bring myself to spend $600+ on crib bedding. Anyways, so I went to the fabric store...found this cute fabric, and made it myself! I still need a crib mattress and crib sheets, but here it is:

It surprisingly wasn't too hard to make either! It just took a REALLY long time. Which is why I made it over the break, because I knew once I started teaching preschool I would never have the time. oh and PS. that fabric is THE SOFTEST fabric in the entire world.

31 1/2 weeks! No belly stretch marks yet, and fingers crossed it stays that way! I've been putting coco butter on like a mad woman, even though I can't STAND the smell of it. Anyone know of any alternate stretch mark creams that dont smell so bad?!


  1. hey....I have an extra crib mattres if you want it. I had to buy a new one with gabby b/c charley still used hers for her toddler bed. but charley is in a twin bed now, and her toddler bed and mattres is in our storage room right now. If you want it, it's yours.

    and your bedding is adorable!!! Yay for DIY!!!!

  2. That is SOOO cute!! I zoomed in and i could actually SEE the softness! It looks so good w/ ur crib color, too :)
    I bet you could find a solid brown or baby blue sheet at target. I got a cute sheet there for 7 bucks.

    You're belly is poking out! But it looks pretty little!
    I just got the Olay Quench lotion (big purple bottle w/ a pump). It says it contains cocoa butter (plus i got the shimmery kind, oo lala!) & it's the same brand as that "pregnancy" lotion I told you about that we can't find... so I figured it probably has some of the same stuff in it. It smells good, too :)

  3. I didn't use coco butter when I was prego and I don't have any stretch marks and I stretched out like no other! The big thing is to put on the firming lotion after you have the baby and that stuff smells yummy!

  4. i like the crib! So much talent in all my girls :) Don't know anything about lotion to prevent stretch marks but I sent you one that smells good so maybe you can just put that on your neck & arms after you do your belly w/ the coco- then you'll smell the good stuff!


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