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HM forever baby!

27 September 2010

Why am I so obsessed? She can't sing worth diddly....she's not very pretty...and she most definitely doesn't have the best acting skills. but for some reason...

I LOVE her! PARTY IN THE USA whatttt?!?!? Obsessed with that song. I know most people hate her....but not me! Not gonna lie, I even watch Hannah Montana on disney channel. Her new season Hannah Montana Forever, is fantastic. Jared is such a good sport and watches it with me :) now THAT'S true love.

Jared has been keeping himself busy with school and work. I try not to distract him or steal too much of his time while he is doing homework, but most nights I fail, and we end up talking, laughing, eating food, and playing with Bauer together. Life has been pretty relaxing for me these last few weeks. I'm still completing my internship at the preschool, and loving it.

There is this one kid in particular who cracks me up. He is 5 years old, and still cant pronounce the "K" sound. He pronounces all of his "K's" with a "T" sound instead. For example, at preschool today he was trying to say-What should I maKe? Instead he pronounced it "What should I mate?" A few weeks ago, Ms Kari got a new kitten! and she told us that instead of saying- Ms Kari, Can I pet your kitty? He said, "Ms Tari, Can I pet your titty?" LOL kids are so funny!

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