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Preschool teacher? That's me!

01 September 2010

I started my internship at Kinder-Ready Kids Preschool this week! I absolutely love it. I teach a morning class of 4-5 year olds, and then and afternoon class of 3 year olds. They are sooo cute, and it makes me excited to open up my own preschool someday.

Favorite quotes from preschool this week:

4 year old class:
Rhett: "Whats your name?"
Hazel: "Hazel."
Rhett: "oh, Do you want to play superheroes with me?"

Hazel: "No."
Rhett: "Well, Do you want to marry me then?"
3 year old class:

Easton: "Are you done swinging yet? You're slower than my grandma"!


  1. oh my!!! that is so funny and adorable as ever!!!!

  2. So cute! I hope you have fun at your internship working with the smaller kids will be great, they are so funny!


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