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The Dream

26 October 2010

Last night I had an interesting dream: Jared and I were visiting my parents in Georgia (which is weird, because my parents had already moved to NC by the time I met Jared) but anyways there we were in Georgia, and we were about to go swimming in our pool. I posted a few pics of our house/pool in GA so you can visualize my dream better. lol

Our pool in Georgia was pretty sweet. The lights in the pool changed colors!
Green...then, and back to white I believe.

Anyways, back to my dream. So the water was pink when I decided to dive in. As I dove under the water, I did a front flip, and the weirdest thing happened. I felt my WHOLE stomach literally turn, and I felt the baby flip up-side-down. Normally in dreams you don't feel anything, but in this dream I swear I did! I instantly woke up and put my hands on my belly. It felt rock hard, and I couldn't feel the baby's head poking out near my ribs on the right side like I normally could. I got really excited and thought "maybe the baby actually did flip!" I woke up this morning, and tried again to feel where the baby was, but I couldn't! For some reason, my stomach would not relax, and I couldn't feel any part of the baby.

I went in to the doctors for my regular check-up this morning, and I told the doctor I couldn't feel where the baby was positioned like I normally could. He pushed on my stomach (yes it hurt!) and he said "well, it feels like he is still breech....................wait let me feel again..............hold on a sec...... you know what?......I think he HAS turned!!" I got so excited and told him I had a dream last night that he flipped! and the doctor said "lets do an ultra sound just to make sure he turned."

We went to the ultrasound room. I laid on the table while the tec rubbed the warm goop all over my belly, and I happily told her too about my dream. She put the monitor on my stomach (on the top left side) I felt so special for knowing that my baby had flipped because of a dream I had. BUT to my disappointment..... she said "nope! There's the head right there, Baby is still breech." dang.

So, unless the baby flips on his own, which is very unlikely, but not impossible, OR if I go into labor in the next 2 1/2 weeks, which again is very unlikely, but not impossible...The date of the c-section has been finalized. It will be November 16th at Madison Memorial Hospital, performed by Dr. Allred.


  1. that would have been an awesome story!....but isn't your due date like the 16th?....I thought they normally do c-sections at least a week early so they have a better chance of you not going into labor?

  2. I know it WOULD HAVE been an awesome story lol.

    The 16th IS only 3 days before my due date, but the hospital here only does c-sections on tues/thurs, and on Thursday November 11th I would be 38 weeks and 6 days pregnant,and they said they wont do anything before 39 weeks. SO dumb. so the next Tuesday is the 16th... I guess they are just crossing their fingers I dont go into labor before then.

  3. I was getting really excited while reading this!!! Then I was disappointed!! DARN :) love him!! Oh and you and Jared too lol!!

  4. Sweet pool! Crazy dream!! Hope everything works out well for you and baby!!

  5. Dr. Allred did my c-section, and he was really, really good. Best of luck, and good luck with the recovery!


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