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Good news and bad news. but mostly good!

07 October 2010

I know I'm not due for another 5 weeks, but we are pretty much completely ready for him! His bedroom is all set up with a crib, a rocking chair, a changing table complete with diapers/wipes, clothes, books, toys, blankets, a baby swing, a bouncer, and a stroller! Some people might think it strange that i'm ready so early, but really, it's a good thing, because it turns out that there is a slight chance he might make his arrival into the world a little early! We had FOUR separate ultrasounds done last Tuesday, by different doctors. The first one they did was to check his size, because I have been measuring small. Turns out our little boy is growing just fine, but they discovered that he is still in the breech position. Meaning, he hasn't flipped upside-down yet, and most babies have by this point. The other ultrasounds were just to check and make sure that he didn't have any abnormalities or growth problems- which he doesn't thank goodness!

He is positioned like this:

and he should be like this:
Being breech is not a huge deal, as he still has time to flip, but the doc wanted to make sure that I had enough amniotic fluid for him to flip around in, so they did a second ultrasound, and it looks like I'm a little low on amniotic fluid. I was measuring at 9.6 and they like you to be above 12. So, 9.6 isnt terrible, but they are going to monitor me closely to make sure that level isnt dropping. If it is dropping, it could mean that he will be here early. Finger's crossed that the level hasnt dropped any at my next appointment in a few days! Hopefully it has just been a little low all along, and we just never knew. The other ultrasounds were just to make sure his heart, breathing, and movements were okay, and they all looked fantastic! Looks like we have a healthy baby boy!

Anyways, my mom and I were discussing ways to get the baby to flip upside-down. I came across this way on my web research:

1. lay on your back on a bed.
2. put pillows under your hips to elevate them so it will be easier for the baby to turn
3. put an icepack near the top of your belly by your ribs, and something warm near your pelvic bone. (babies like to be warm, and generally will move to the warm spots)
4. Play loud music near your belly to wake the baby up and get it moving!
5. Turn the lights out so that it is dark, and move a flashlight along your belly from top to bottom (they will usually move toward the light)

We'll see if it works! If it doesn't I will be trying the headstands in a pool next week!

The last few weeks I have been milking the whole "eating for two" excuse.

Fall is here, and with that comes delicious fall treats!

We made caramel apples for FHE on Monday! Good news? They were scrumptious. Bad news? The caramel broke Jared's crown off the tooth... guess we are going to have to find a dentist in Rexburg now!

Last weekend was A BLAST! We went down to Utah (for the final time before the baby comes) where my wonderful sister in-law Meredith through me the bestest baby shower ever! We had a very good turn out, about 18 people came :)
Here's Cathi and Kerri, my sister in-laws from Jared's side, and my two cute little nieces!

I am a very lucky girl to have such good sister in-laws... I have 6 of them to be exact!

Here is a video clip that Courtney took from the baby shower. We played a game where you had a piece of yarn, and you had to cut it to whatever length you thought would fit around my belly. Most people guessed way too big, but my granny in particular guess was ginormous! oh and ps, sorry Dad if you ever see this video, I didn't mean it! :P


  1. Cute shower, but DAAAAANG Granny! lol
    Those apples look so yummy. What How did you make the caramel? And how did you get it to stick on the apples and not slide off?

  2. i just got caramel square candies and put them in a pot with like a tablespoon of water, on VERY low heat til they were melted.

    Apples are always coated in wax when you buy them from a store, so you have to dip them in boiling water first to get all of the wax off so that the caramel sticks to the apple.


  3. Our little birth wasn't quite how we planned it to go either. Soemtimes you just have to roll with the punches. On the bright side you get to hold your baby that much sooner?!
    Crossing my fingers for ya that you don't have to be induced though. That wasn't any fun.

  4. Charley was breach, and we actually tried all of those things to get her to turn....all at once even! now, I've never experienced a natural birth, but a c-section is SOOO easy (you don't have to do anything!) ...however, the recovery stinks!

    your apples look so yummy!

    Good luck with everything!

  5. It is SO not early to be preparing! We had Niko's stuff set up so much earlier than that. Plus, you don't want to be rushing around the next few weeks, you should be relaxing especially if baby comes early!


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