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Grape juice? I'll give it a shot!

12 October 2010

Sorry if this blog entry is boring. It is mostly for me, because I want to be sure to document everything about this baby :)

The ultrasound looked very good today, and little baby boy antczak is healthy! He had the hiccups during the ultrasound: it was SO cute. :) I would feel the hiccup and then on the screen I could see his whole body move! The level of amniotic fluid has stayed the same. It is still a little bit low, but at least it is not dropping at all, so that is good. This means I will continue to go in for weekly ultrasounds. The doctor also confirmed that he is STILL breech, what they call Frank Breech if you know what that looks like. She said that if he is still breech at my appointment next week, they will schedule an external cephalic version at the hospital for the following week (2 weeks from today). This is the process where they try and turn the baby around by maneuvering him from the outside of my belly. if you so wish to see what it looks like.They do it at the hospital because there are some risks involved, and to be safe if an emergency C-section is needed. I will learn more about the external cephalic version at my next appointment if we decide we want to have it done. The doctors here will NOT deliver a breech baby naturally, they always schedule a C-section, around 39 weeks. So basically it's try to have the version done, so we can have a natural delivery, or just schedule a C-section. Also at my appointment, I got in trouble for trying to do weird things (like ice packs on the belly with hips elevated while listening to music) to get the baby to turn up-side-down. oops! She said there is always a risk that the umbilical cord is wrapped around his neck, so trying to make him turn around by myself could be bad! Oh well, nothing I tired worked anyways, just made him kick me a lot! Serves me right.
Doctors orders this week are to drink lots of Welch's Grape Juice! Apparently she has had other patients drink it to increase amniotic fluid? she suspects that that's the reason he hasnt flipped yet.... because the fluid is low. Other baby's are still swimming around in it at this time, and our baby is just chillin'/sittin' tight in it. We'll see if this works.


  1. That procedure looks painful! :(

  2. good luck, everything will be fine! The baby is healthy, that is all that matters. It doesn't matter how he comes out. It would be nice just to have to go natural, but if it doesn't work out that way, no big deal. We just have to do what we have to do!


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