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I can do this!

20 October 2010

The ultrasound was very good today! They score the baby on a scale of 1-8, and our little guy got an 8! He weighs 5lbs give or take 5oz. Which is a little bit small, but still in the "normal" range. Jared made me drink 5 liters of grape juice this week, and believe it or not, it actually DID improve the fluid levels! The ultrasound tec also told us that the little stinker is still breech. Which didn't surprise me at all, because I can feel his head in my ribs, and every once in a while he will stick it out near the top right side of my stomach, and I can SEE and FEEL his head with my hands.

We also discussed having the doctor turn the baby, so I could have a natural delivery. Doctor Evan's said that the odds of an External Cephalic Versions working for me are are at best about 20% because I have lower fluid levels, and it's my first baby (that makes it harder to turn him) Also, the placenta is anterior which makes it not only dangerous to try to turn him (because the placenta could abrupt), but very hard to do, because it would be like trying to turn him with a big pillow in the way. Also, he said that the ultrasound machines can't tell us if the umbilical cord is wrapped around his neck or not. SO, we decided that turning him for a natural delivery isn't worth all of the risks involved, especially if the chances of it actually working are so low anyways. We followed the doctors advice, and are planning on having a c-section unless by some miracle the baby decides to turn on his own. The C-section is tentatively scheduled for November 11th. That's THREE weeks from now! We will finalize the date of the c-section on Tuesday at my next doctors appointment.

I actually feel really good about this, and im SO relieved for some reason. It will be nice to know the exact date that he will be here, and best of all I don't have to worry about ME doing anything wrong. All I have to do is show up....lay on a table, and whooola a few minutes later I will have a baby. Recovery might be a big bummer, but i'll do what I have to do to get this baby here safely :)

Throwback to the small bump earlier this summer, I can't believe how much bigger my baby bump is now!

Bauer is ready for me to stop posting pictures of him on the blog and start posting pictures of baby!


  1. OH I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE KYLER!!! Love you all

  2. That is great! i totally understand the relief of knowing when the baby will come....just try not to think of the actual c-section.....just think of him coming!


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