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Poor Deprived Dog

15 October 2010

The baby hasn't even been born yet, and Bauer has already gotten the boot. I mean look, I haven't had a post dedicated to him in MONTHS! People keep asking me (with a worried look on their faces) "How do you think Bauer will do with the baby around?" Honestly? I'm pretty sure the first moment they meet will go something like this:

Bauer is such a sweetie. Is he big? Yes. Is he sometimes clumsy? Yes. BUT he is very obedient, and is a quick learner. I'm sure he and the baby will be buddies in no time.

This next video took place a few weeks ago. Our neighbor found a 6 week old kitten, and brought it over to meet Bauer, and...well... see for yourself.

ps Bauer is the dog in the BLUE collar. His brother, Diesel, is the one in the black collar.

Bauer was TERRIFIED, and his brother, Diesel, actually liked the kitten! So maybe Bauer just comes from a weird batch of pups, because where I come from dogs are supposed to CHASE cats.

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