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Routines are good!

14 October 2010

We are getting into a good routine at preschool, and all of the kids finally know the rules, and what is expected of them. It is making teaching MUCH easier.
Ryley and Calvin playing with blocks during "exploratory play"

We also have an arts/crafts table set up everyday, which is probably my favorite activity the kids do. This is Ella and Jayden.

This is Franklin, our class turtle. As you can see, his favorite food is salad. Sometimes we let him out of his cage to crawl around the classroom, the kids love it. I picked him up one time, and he SPAZZZZED out. I will never pick him up again, it was freeeaky.

This is our bulletin board. We first review the days of the week and weather, and then we go on to teach the alphabet.... how to write each letter, and what the sounds of each letter make. Soon they will be reading short words! I love teaching this age, because they are all so good, and eager to learn EVERYTHING.
Preschool wouldn't be complete without snack time. I love listening to the conversations they have with each other. "Do you wantta come to my birffday pawty, because you aw my best fwend.....what's ya name again?" They can go from not knowing each other to instantly best friends in a matter of seconds. So cute. This is Owen, Cade, Sam, Kaden, and Paul.

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