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13 December 2010

For our Church's Christmas Party last Friday, we got to play the parts of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus

This week, we learned that Kyler LOVES his car seat. and by LOVES I mean he loves to sleep in it!  Within 2 minutes of being strapped in, he falls asleep for a good 2-3 hour nap. It's niiiice.
Last week, we secured an apartment in California for us to live in while Jared does his medical research internship at UC Davis.  We are excited for this new adventure, and SOOO excited to be leaving Rexburg during the winter months.  However, I'm not too excited about the whole 14 hour road trip with a newborn and 70lb dog in the car.  Did I mention that we are not taking a uhaul or moving truck?  Or that our new apartment will not be furnished?  We are only taking what we can fit in our little toyota camry, and what we need to survive. Kyler will sleep in his PackNPlay.  Jared and I will sleep on an air mattress, and Bauer will have his crate. We will bring clothes and a few other essentials, and that is IT.  We'll only be gone for 3 months, so it wasn't worth it to us to pay to have all of our stuff moved to California, just to move it back here in a few months.  So we will put all of our furniture in storage, and only take what we need. Kinda makes me nervous, but hey, if people survived in the olden days without all of the "stuff" we have today, then so can we. I think.

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