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Hello from Cali

10 January 2011

Sorry it’s been so long!  It’s been a crazy past two weeks with the move and adjusting to the new life here in California. I’ll try to make up for it by making this post meaty.

The 14 hour drive was long, but good.  Kyler and Bauer pretty much slept the entire way.  We stayed the night in Reno, and made the rest of the drive to Cali the next day. We got a video camera for Christmas, so enjoy all of the random video clips I will be posting up here!  Kyler is smiling more and more everyday, and is starting to make cooing noises while kicking his legs, it’s so cute!

It is so pretty here!  I love how green everything is, and I LOVE driving down the street and seeing palm trees.  When we first got here, we stepped out of the car and threw our jackets off saying “It’s 50 degrees here baby! Hot diggity!” and then we laughed at everyone around us in their winter coats.  After living in Rexburg, we couldn’t believe they thought 50 degrees was cold….Two weeks later, and it seems we have already acclimated to the California weather, because now even Jared and I think that 50 degrees is cold.  


The rumors about California drivers are TRUE.  Some of them are absolutely crazy!  They don’t gradually shift lanes, they just kinda scooch right in with out warning, also I’ve noticed that they LOVE to speed up really fast, and then slam on the breaks.  Annoying.

Our little Ky Guy

The Cali apartment itself is nice!  It has new carpet, fresh paint, and is pretty spacious.  I’m not looking forward to going back to our old apartment once the internship is over. 
   The location of our apartment is another story altogether. It is totally and completely in the ghetto. The first night we were here we heard 2 gunshots outside our bedroom window. Bauer went from a dead sleep to sprinting into the next room where we were still unpacking our things with his tail tucked between his legs. When I walked out to our car, (smelling things that were NOT just cigarette smoke) I noticed the car next to ours had a …ummmm… I cant remember what it’s called, but its like a stick on the steering wheel with a lock, so that nobody can steal your car…Anyways, it had one of those on it.  I had never seen one before, so I went in for a closer look…and then some lady yelled “Oh! Mmmmhmmm, do you LiiiiiKe that Cawr? I see youu lookin’ at ma Cawr. Do you liiiiiKe it?!”  Awkward.  She thought I was trying to steal it! Me! Little Char! HAH. Apparently when looking for an apartment, the nearest location according to Google is not the best approach. At least we feel secure to see a police car in our parking lot every night. Plus, Jared put boards and security alarms on our windows. Also, our door is made out of steel, with two separate deadbolts, so that makes me feel a little safer.  When I have to go from the apartment to the car, I almost always bring Bauer with me.  Everyone here is afraid of him because he is so big.  Just trying to be safe!

The sign in the store said “All our candies are dolphin free”  I’m not quite sure what that means…

Last weekend we explored old town Sacramento, and loaded up on candy from the Sweet Barrel Candy Store, and The Chocolate Factory. It was fun!   We can't wait to explore the rest of Sacramento, and make a trip to San Fran soon!


  1. Char!! What city are you guys living in?? I'm from Benicia- which is by Napa and stuff- and Brett is from Walnut Creek, we are here now too!! Although we are moving back to UT for brett's job in february- i didn't know you were moving out here though- so fun! You will love life here!

    haha- I guess I have to agree with you about California drivers- even though I am one... haha, we always say Utah drivers are the worst!! :)

  2. You only have a few weeks there...think of it as a really long vacation!

    have fun!

  3. Hey Char! It's Natalie Stevenson! Guess what, I live about an hour away from where you are now! So if you ever make your trip down to San Fran you should definitely stop by my house. When I get out of school I am totally gonna come see you! Hopefully you're still there in April. Bytheway, your baby is so stinkin cute!

  4. Emily-We're in Sacramento! We should do something sometime if its not too far away from you!

    Mere- I know,9 more weeks!

    Natalie-HEY!! I would LOVE to see you!I'll let you know when we go!


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