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Ky's first movie

25 February 2011

We didn't have a video camera until Kyler was already a few weeks old... so I put together some pics and video clips from my camera to remember Ky's first few weeks of life :)

Jelly Belly

23 February 2011

On Monday we went to the Jelly Belly Factory.  Because of the holiday, of course it was SUPER crowded, but we had fun anyways, especially because it was FREE!

I'm not a huge jellybean fan, BUT Chocolate Covered Raspberry and Coldstone Birthday Cake Remix flavored Jelly Bellys are pretty much amazing.

Giant Jelly Belly

Ky and Jared styling awesome Jelly Belly hats

Kyler is getting so big! He can finally hold his head up, and is starting to like the Bumbo chair. Dont ya just want to pinch and kiss those adorably luscious chubby little cheeks? Believe me, I do all of the time!
He is my very own little Jelly Belly :)

We also went to the outlet mall in Vacaville on Monday. While I was doing my window shopping, I came upon this (among many others) adorable Coach diaper bag:
This is how my conversation went with Jared:

Me: please??
Jared: How much?
Me: 30% off!
Jared: How much?
Me:  I want it so bad I’m about to cry.
Jared: How much?!
Me: It’s 30% OFF!!!
Jared: 30% off of what?
Me: 30% off of..  $220
Jared: Haha!
Me: How many weeks worth of allowance is that?
Jared: 7 YEARS.
Me: Dang. 

Not surprisingly, we were able to leave the outlet mall without one single purchase. Wooohoo!

You can't really tell in this picture, but Kyler has a tiny brown spot in the top corner of his right eye.  Just like his daddy's only a lot smaller.  :)

Ouch. Smiles. and Luv

16 February 2011

Poor pooch. Bauer still hasn't realized that he's grown into a big dog body.  He is a year old, and still clumsy with his new large paws. On Saturday we took him to the dog park. He was sooo excited to fetch his ball that he dove in the air for it, and couldn't control his big awkward paws for the landing.  The poor dog ended up sliding across the gravel which completely wore off two patches of fur and gave him a nasty scrape.  It looks like he got into a dog fight.

Last Friday we had dinner with a couple from church. We were going to play games too, but Kyler started screaming his head off and refused to fall asleep at their house, so we had to leave early, haha embarrassing. Then on Saturday we hung out with Chris and Dev and another couple, and Kyler was a little angel and quietly observed everyone, and then fell asleep allowing us to stay and watch a movie in peace and quiet too! Whether he is good or naughty, he is still our cute lil rollie pollie.
Ky is 3 months old today!
Kyler is learning how to anticipate things, and it is just the cutest thing ever.  I'm pretty sure we have the most smilest baby in the whole world :)

This week, we went on a Sunday drive to the LDS Sacramento temple.  It was BEAUTIFUL, and I've never felt the spirit so strong just by walking on the temple grounds.  I really really want to go inside, but that means we'll have to find a babysitter first!

Monday was Valentines day! Our FIRST valentines day together went like this: Jared flew to Hawaii and surprised me on the beach with a dozen roses and a cute white teddy bear.  He took me parasailing in Honolulu and snorkeling in Hanauma bay.  We went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse, on a romantic walk down town, and the night was topped off by him giving me a pink sapphire and diamond necklace that matched the earrings he had given me for Christmas.

It's 2 year's later and here is how our Valentines Day was celebrated being poor:
Our home-made Valentines decor
 A few days before Valentines Day we looked at our budget and decided that we shouldn't get each other gifts this year because we are....well... broke. lol.  I told Jared I didn't even want chocolate or flowers (I cant even remember the last Valentines Day without flowers...I think before middle school? haha anyways..) I dropped Jared off at his internship early, and spent the day taking care of little Ky guy. Then I received a package at the door... It was an ITZBEEN!! and a huge chocolate heart from my father in-law. When I finally picked Jared up it was already dark, and Kyler was getting hungry and fussy so Jared dropped me off at home while he went to Home Depot to get something he needed for his internship.  I cooked enchiladas for dinner, and then we watched a retarded chick flick movie from Netflix... and then? Jared did homework for the rest of the night. lol. We weren't in Hawaii, and we definitely didn't do anything exciting like parasailing, or snorkeling, BUT even still we love each other more than ever, and that's all that matters.

San Fran

10 February 2011

 There is no way we could live in Cali for 3 months and not go to San Fransisco when it's only 1.5 hours away!
I took this pic out of the car window going 65mph , and it actually turned out pretty sweet!
 After Jared spent all week in the lab....literally... from Tuesday until Saturday taking confocal microscope images every 3 hours (yes even in the middle of the night)  we had to take a little vacation to unwind. So, we drove to San Fransisco!  The 1.5 hour drive went by fast and pretty much went like this:

 First stop? FULL HOUSE!!! Only my favoritest (is that a word?) show everrr!!!  I told Jared we had to stop there first because otherwise the sun would be behind the house and we would get really bad pictures, but really I was just SO excited and wanted to see it first.

Oh you know, just me on the steps of FULL HOUSE.  I was so excited I even sang and danced to the show's theme song (you know... "whatever happened to predictability...")  I won't post the video of it though because it's kind of embarrassing.  Jared made fun of me.

Next stop? Ghiradelli square! Where we got the most amazing chocolate bars ever.  Somehow we forgot to get pictures of the actual Ghiradelli Chocolate store? Oh well!

Then we went to Baker Beach...aka nude beach... but luckily everyone was well clothed last Saturday. It was Bauer's first time seeing the ocean!  Jared and I were sure that he would be afraid of the waves (he's afraid of most new things, especially ones that move)  but he surprised us both and bolted out into the ocean.  We threw his tennis ball out into the 5 foot waves and he got pounded, dunked under and tossed around, but every time his little head would pop up and he was immediately searching for his ball again.

I love this picture.  My life wouldn't be complete with out these two.

 Little Ky guy's first time at the ocean!

 My Boys!

 After the beach, we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was 6 bucks just to drive across which was lame, but it was actually kind of fun. The bridge was HUGE, and pictures don't do it justice.  The bridge looks red to me, so I wondered why do they call it the Golden Gate Bridge anyways?  I looked up the answer online and it said "It is called the Golden Gate Bridge, because it refers to the Golden Gate Strait which is the entrance to the San Fransisco Bay.  It was named by Army Captain Fremont in 1846."  ummm well I think that is a dumb answer, and I also think they should paint the bridge gold to match its' name :) but that's just me.

Our last stop was Chinatown!  We didn't get there until it was already dark, but even still, it was pretty sweet.  We got some awesome firework/snap pop things... you know the kind where you throw them on the ground and they make a sound?  Well these ones are so loud, they sound like a gunshot!  Sorry the picture is blurry, we just took it out the car window as we were moving. Typical tourists lol.

It felt like we went on a really long vacation, but after the short drive home, we were able to sleep in our OWN bed.  Well, actually our own air mattress, our real bed is still in Rexburg, and that's the only thing I miss about Rexburg. Okay I miss some of my friends too, and the comfortable atmosphere. oh and our tv, but that is IT. lol. Anyways,  San Fran was AWESOME and I can't wait to go back in a few weeks :)

Random Mind DUmP

02 February 2011

I'm bored so I thought I would dump my mind out on the blog today.  Please feel free to skip reading this post...unless of course you're bored like me...then you might find it interesting :)

1. I keep seeing billboards all over CA that say "Joy to the world. The Lord is coming. May 21, 2011." ...whats up with that?  kinda crrrrazy.  Anywhoo I'm glad we'll be back in Righteous Rexburg on that day anyway. lol

2. Kyler is so cute :) but I really REALLY wish he was on a regular schedule.  You know, the kind where he goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up whenever I'M ready to wake up?  That would be nice :)

3. The weeks are going by too fast.  They need to slow down, because I'm lovin' livin in CA.  It stinks that everything is more expensive (especially gas...holy moly!) but I feel like California kinda has "the best of both worlds" (sung like Hannah Montana of course!)  Especially where we live right now- an hour or two away from the mountains, and an hour or two away from the beach!  I'm the beach lovin' type of girl, and Jared is the outdoorsy hiking and snowboarding type of guy.  Here, we could go to both the beach AND the mountains in the same day if we wanted :) 

4. I love painting my nails, but can never sit still long enough to let them dry so they always get messed up.

5. I'm running out of dinner ideas.  I like: Cheap. Easy. and QUICK recipes.  Suggestions?

6. I can't wait to visit my fam at the beach house in 5 weeks! I'm taking Kyler with me, but Jared has to stay here and work at the lab.  It will be our first night apart since we've been married. boooo!

7.  I love Jared Antczak.  Seriously.  I couldn't have married a more perfect man :)

8.  Laffy Taffy is the best. What do you call a dog with no legs?
                   Don't matter what you call him, he aint gunna come.