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Jelly Belly

23 February 2011

On Monday we went to the Jelly Belly Factory.  Because of the holiday, of course it was SUPER crowded, but we had fun anyways, especially because it was FREE!

I'm not a huge jellybean fan, BUT Chocolate Covered Raspberry and Coldstone Birthday Cake Remix flavored Jelly Bellys are pretty much amazing.

Giant Jelly Belly

Ky and Jared styling awesome Jelly Belly hats

Kyler is getting so big! He can finally hold his head up, and is starting to like the Bumbo chair. Dont ya just want to pinch and kiss those adorably luscious chubby little cheeks? Believe me, I do all of the time!
He is my very own little Jelly Belly :)

We also went to the outlet mall in Vacaville on Monday. While I was doing my window shopping, I came upon this (among many others) adorable Coach diaper bag:
This is how my conversation went with Jared:

Me: please??
Jared: How much?
Me: 30% off!
Jared: How much?
Me:  I want it so bad I’m about to cry.
Jared: How much?!
Me: It’s 30% OFF!!!
Jared: 30% off of what?
Me: 30% off of..  $220
Jared: Haha!
Me: How many weeks worth of allowance is that?
Jared: 7 YEARS.
Me: Dang. 

Not surprisingly, we were able to leave the outlet mall without one single purchase. Wooohoo!

You can't really tell in this picture, but Kyler has a tiny brown spot in the top corner of his right eye.  Just like his daddy's only a lot smaller.  :)


  1. That was a great conversation about the COACH diaper bag! Loved all the hearts on the wall and your valentines day description! Kyler is so cute in the Smile video and he starts smiling even before he's tickled!


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