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01 March 2011

Kyler and I are going on a trip to to see family on Thursday! I'm SO excited to see my fam, and for Kyler to meet some of his aunts, uncles, and cousins. I get to meet my new baby niece, Carmella for the first time too! Wish me luck with flying across the country with a 3 month old.

Bachelors of Science in Child Development
After getting lost in the mail when we moved, my diploma has finally arrived. HURRAYYY!! It felt SO good to finally hold that piece of paper in my hands.

Kyler now LOVES to hear the sound of his own voice. He loves to sing. Especially when I turn the radio on in the car. He keeps me very good company all day when daddy's gone at work.

Jared and I have been married for a year and a half today. Well, technically it would be February 29th, but since there is no such day in Feb, we'll just say it is today. Time is going by so quickly. Doesn't it always? I read this quote in an email from my sister in-law Kerri last week. I don't remember who said it, but I love it:

“Few things are more beautiful than a couple in love. Whether newly married or celebrating a golden anniversary, couples who keep love alive, who endure the ups and downs of life together, deserve our admiration. We may consider them lucky, but they will tell you that it's not luck that keeps them in love. It's choosing to stay in love, all along the way. They have come to know that love is a behavior, a series of actions and choices.”

August 29,2009 -Forever :)

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