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Ouch. Smiles. and Luv

16 February 2011

Poor pooch. Bauer still hasn't realized that he's grown into a big dog body.  He is a year old, and still clumsy with his new large paws. On Saturday we took him to the dog park. He was sooo excited to fetch his ball that he dove in the air for it, and couldn't control his big awkward paws for the landing.  The poor dog ended up sliding across the gravel which completely wore off two patches of fur and gave him a nasty scrape.  It looks like he got into a dog fight.

Last Friday we had dinner with a couple from church. We were going to play games too, but Kyler started screaming his head off and refused to fall asleep at their house, so we had to leave early, haha embarrassing. Then on Saturday we hung out with Chris and Dev and another couple, and Kyler was a little angel and quietly observed everyone, and then fell asleep allowing us to stay and watch a movie in peace and quiet too! Whether he is good or naughty, he is still our cute lil rollie pollie.
Ky is 3 months old today!
Kyler is learning how to anticipate things, and it is just the cutest thing ever.  I'm pretty sure we have the most smilest baby in the whole world :)

This week, we went on a Sunday drive to the LDS Sacramento temple.  It was BEAUTIFUL, and I've never felt the spirit so strong just by walking on the temple grounds.  I really really want to go inside, but that means we'll have to find a babysitter first!

Monday was Valentines day! Our FIRST valentines day together went like this: Jared flew to Hawaii and surprised me on the beach with a dozen roses and a cute white teddy bear.  He took me parasailing in Honolulu and snorkeling in Hanauma bay.  We went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse, on a romantic walk down town, and the night was topped off by him giving me a pink sapphire and diamond necklace that matched the earrings he had given me for Christmas.

It's 2 year's later and here is how our Valentines Day was celebrated being poor:
Our home-made Valentines decor
 A few days before Valentines Day we looked at our budget and decided that we shouldn't get each other gifts this year because we are....well... broke. lol.  I told Jared I didn't even want chocolate or flowers (I cant even remember the last Valentines Day without flowers...I think before middle school? haha anyways..) I dropped Jared off at his internship early, and spent the day taking care of little Ky guy. Then I received a package at the door... It was an ITZBEEN!! and a huge chocolate heart from my father in-law. When I finally picked Jared up it was already dark, and Kyler was getting hungry and fussy so Jared dropped me off at home while he went to Home Depot to get something he needed for his internship.  I cooked enchiladas for dinner, and then we watched a retarded chick flick movie from Netflix... and then? Jared did homework for the rest of the night. lol. We weren't in Hawaii, and we definitely didn't do anything exciting like parasailing, or snorkeling, BUT even still we love each other more than ever, and that's all that matters.

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  1. I know all to well. Isn't Valentines with a baby and no money just so awesome! haha I saw this card at Walgreen that said, "just because we're married with kids doesn't mean we can't have a romantic night." open up the card and its a mom and dad in bed with the kids and the dog and then it says, "oh wait, yes it does." IT made me laugh. SO true! But life is great anyway!


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