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My Little Monster

26 March 2011

After a long absence... I finally took a picture today!  Nothing like a freshly bathed baby :)

Kyler-4 months

Chewy Sprees

I can't believe how quickly Kyler is growing up.  I feel like just overnight he changed from the baby "pet" phase (you know, the phase where the baby sleeps, eats, poos.. and that's about it) to "Hello world, I'm an actual person!"  
Here is what he has been up to lately: He grabs anything and EVERYTHING and puts it directly into his mouth.  He laughs when we tickle/make silly faces at him.  He entertains himself by playing with his hands and feet. (which is very nice for mama!) When we help him stand up, he gets the hugest grin on his face like he is saying "Look what I can do!!"  When we talk to him, he tries to talk back. SO adorable. He also loves to do things over and over again until he is sure of the result, and then he'll change whatever it was he was doing just to see if the result is different.  For example, he has learned that when he cries I come and pick him up.  Last night, for the first time I heard him "fake cry"  (every mom knows what I'm talking about) so I waited a few seconds before going to get him and then he started laughing! Little goober. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures...I haven't taken any lately. I go through phases where I will take TONS and then phases where I won't take any.  I really need to snap out of it though, because this cute little baby will be a kid before I know it!

It's weird to think that our time here in California is almost over. I'm going to miss it.  I loved taking Ky outside on walks everyday (something that would have been impossible to do in Rexburg during the winter months)  and Jared's internship was incredible. We are so grateful for the time we have spent here, and know that it was definitely the right decision for us.  Who knows, maybe we'll be back some day.

And that was me rambling. I guess this is what I get when I try to blog this late at night. I'll probably read this tomorrow and say "why did I write that?" I was so loopy~ oh well.  Jared is done studying and we can finally go to bed now. Oh, and why is this post titled Chewy Sprees? Because It's 1am and i'm too tired to think of a title, and Chewy Sprees sound delicious right now.  Okay that's it. I'm going to bed.

From Coast to Coast

17 March 2011

Kyler was SUCH a good baby on the plane ride across the country, but maybe that is because he slept the entire time...which was fine with me!

Special thanks to Mel, Em and JJ for letting me steal their pictures :)

Boogie Boarding Fun

Sunset Fun

Family Fun

My Teddy Bear
That's all I have time to post for now!


Tickled and Giggled

05 March 2011

While Jared got Ky to laugh first, Schramma got some pretty cute giggles out of him today!  She was trying to get him to smile at her, and then out of nowhere he let out the cutest laugh! Looks like we have a very ticklish boy on our hands.

Bloggin' It Up

01 March 2011

Kyler and I are going on a trip to to see family on Thursday! I'm SO excited to see my fam, and for Kyler to meet some of his aunts, uncles, and cousins. I get to meet my new baby niece, Carmella for the first time too! Wish me luck with flying across the country with a 3 month old.

Bachelors of Science in Child Development
After getting lost in the mail when we moved, my diploma has finally arrived. HURRAYYY!! It felt SO good to finally hold that piece of paper in my hands.

Kyler now LOVES to hear the sound of his own voice. He loves to sing. Especially when I turn the radio on in the car. He keeps me very good company all day when daddy's gone at work.

Jared and I have been married for a year and a half today. Well, technically it would be February 29th, but since there is no such day in Feb, we'll just say it is today. Time is going by so quickly. Doesn't it always? I read this quote in an email from my sister in-law Kerri last week. I don't remember who said it, but I love it:

“Few things are more beautiful than a couple in love. Whether newly married or celebrating a golden anniversary, couples who keep love alive, who endure the ups and downs of life together, deserve our admiration. We may consider them lucky, but they will tell you that it's not luck that keeps them in love. It's choosing to stay in love, all along the way. They have come to know that love is a behavior, a series of actions and choices.”

August 29,2009 -Forever :)