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Happy 100th Post!!

09 April 2011

I have been in the blogging world for just over a year and a half, and today I finally reached my 100th post!

We'll be here for the next week or so until our apartment is ready in Rexburg. Lucky us we have tons of family that live in Utah! It has been fun getting to catch up and spend time with them.

Here are my niece and nephew putting their heads under Kyler's car seat cover to look at his night light with him. So cute!

Kyler LOVES this night light. We love it too! We got it from Ikea... The colors change, there is a cord to charge it with (so that means no batteries!)and it is made out of rubber, so it doesnt break when you drop it! Whenever it is time for bed, we put him in his crib and turn this nightlight on and he falls right to sleep

Here are a few pics from this week:

Kyler fell asleep in his cousin's arms during Family Night
Jared fell asleep in Bauer's furry paws at his parents house.
Bauer is now 82lbs....and still thinks that he is a lap dog

We have been eating like Kings thanks to all of our family

First time wearing sunglasses at Auntie Mere's house

 Happy 100th post to me!

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