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Moved In!!!

20 April 2011

Well, we are finally moved in. (special thanks to grandma and grandpa for all of their help!!) I can't believe i'm saying this, but it feels GREAT to be back in Rexburg. Yes, Rexburg is just a small college town, BUT.... we no longer have to worry about our neighbors breaking into our car. We no longer hear gun-shots out our window when we are trying to fall asleep. Nobody begs us for money when we are stopped at a redlight, or when we walk to our car outside of walmart. I can take Bauer out at night and not be scared! and the list goes on and on... I mean we LOVED living in Cali, we really did! but I guess Rexburg has it's ups too. 

Anyways, here are some pics from our last few days.
Kyler and both of his grandmas
My brother in-law Bruce introduced us to mustard grilled cheese sandwiches.  One word: YUM

Kyler in the bathtub.  He went swimming for the first time in a pool this week and LOVED it!!

Mere showing off her mad skillz

My cute little nephew

Generation pics! Son, grandson, grandpa, grandson, son

Meet Ruger.  Uncle Mark's new baby.

Can you say Chick Magnet??  My mom said "Mark will take Ruger on a walk in the park, a cute girl will walk by with her dog.  Their leashes will get tangled...and the rest is history!!!" LOL

My niece Charley, She is getting so big!
 We had so much fun spending time with our family. We will miss you ALL.


  1. Hey, if you're ever bored in Rexburg this semester we should meet up! I would love to meet your adorable baby he looks so cute in his pictures! Plus you said he likes pools, so maybe we should go to that riverside water park when it opens up!

  2. oh yes, DEFINETLY!! I can't wait!! I hope your last semester of school is going well :)


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