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Bauer the Ballerina

26 May 2011

It's been a while since I've had a blog post about the D-O-G.  He has been pushed to the back burner ever since baby Kyler joined the family!  Anyways, because the little giant pooch has been ignored for so long, we decided to do something nice for him...WE ENROLLED HIM IN DOG BALLET CLASSES!!!
You think I'm joking?

Okay, so yes of course I'm joking. Some random girl I don't even know asked if she could film my dog and my neighbor's dog in ballerina outfits for part of her senior project.... of course I said YES.  How funny is that?  Bauer has always had a crush on our neighbor's dog Sadie.  She is one of the only girl dogs on the block! Sadie usually pulls the "Defensive Maneuver #41" if you've ever seen Mary-Kate and Ashley's movie Our Lips are Sealed. (one of my favs!)  meaning...she turns the cheek. hahahah. This vid proves it!

Delicious Easy Recipe Any Mom Can Cook!

23 May 2011

Finally! A recipe that is cheap, easy, quick, and YUMMY! It is called Apricot Sticky Chicken. I know it sounds weird, but it is soo good! Here's how:

Ingredients: 1cup Catalina Dressing, 1cup Apricot jam, 1 env. Lipton onion soup mix, 4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut up.

Cook chicken however you wish, and cut up. I usually just throw a few chicken breast strips on the George Foreman. In a pan, mix dressing, jam, and Lipton soup mix together and add chicken. Let simmer over chicken for 10-15 minutes. The longer you let simmer, the sticker and thicker the sauce will be. Watch carefully so it won't burn. Serve over rice!

Well good morning there!

21 May 2011

I had a request to put this on the blog, so here ya go!

He is definitely ALL boy. That's all I have to say :)

No Easy Task!

19 May 2011

I had a lot of house work to get done today, but Kyler insisted on being held. So....I got out the old kangaroo pouch, and he loved it! ....but let me tell you carrying a 17lb baby around the house while cleaning and doing laundry is no easy task! I think I'll skip the gym today, I'm exhausted as is. 
ps. today was a no make-up no hair do kinda day :)

Swing with Me?

16 May 2011

Kyler is a BIG boy. I'm not just talking about how adorably chunky he is. Today he is 6 months old! Ky's doctor told us to start introducing fruits and vegetables when he was 6 months old, so today he tried
I would like to tell you that he loved them. but.... he pretty much gagged on every spoonful.  It was pretty funny.  I should have filmed it.
shoulda woulda coulda.

The weather in Rexburg has been warming up, and this week we went on MANY trips to the park!
Kyler tried out the swings for the first time!
I love this picture.  It's such a Jared facial expression.

I wish I could tell you that Kyler LOVED the swings sooo much!
But honestly? I don't think he really noticed the difference between the swing at the park, and the swing he has at home.  Maybe he's still a little too young.

This is my friend Erinne, and her son Niko! We had a picnic! Niko loved pushing Kyler on the swing, and he also insisted that he eat his Cheeto's ON the swing. hahaha! He's a cutie.

And THIS ladies and gentlemen is Kyler's facial expression of the week:  
He has been trying to copy our facial expressions lately.  Apparently, I make this face a lot when I'm trying to make him laugh.  And in return, every time he makes THIS facial expression he ends up making ME laugh.
Earlier this week I was eating my lunch.  More specifically chewing my sandwich, and I looked over at Kyler and he was moving his jaw up and down, like he was trying to chew a sandwich too! hahah such a goober.

This is my new friend Jennifer!  Once a week we cook dinner together! Cooking is way more fun, when you have a friend to talk to and laugh with in the process.  Jennifer is an amazing cook, and can pretty much make anything. I haven't had a whole lot of cooking experience, so she is teaching me, and I must say, we have made some pretty excellent meals these past few weeks.  We cooked homemade Pizza-Pasta Bowls this week!  You know, like the kind Pizza Hut started making...anyways, Jennifer just made this recipe up, and it was AMAZING.

My Snugli Bugli Boos:
Jared has been sick on and off all week.  We aren't quite sure what he has, but are glad that he's not contagious.  Feel better boo!

And lastly, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: KYLER THE SINGER!!!  or should I say, squeaker? Whatever he is doing, he's a soprano for sure.

Hope you're having a good day :)

Laffy Taffy Joke :)

05 May 2011

What has a bottom on its top?
(Click on comments for the answer)

Best Buddies

03 May 2011

Kyler loves his daddy!


02 May 2011

We had such a fun day yesterday!  Our neighbor Kristen babysat Kyler while Jared and I went to the temple!  It felt SOOOO good to be back there.  After the temple, we had dinner at Costa Vida, and had some friends over to watch the edited version of 127 Hours. Then Jared decided it would be fun to play nintendo (yes, the ORIGINAL nintendo.) So we played Track and Field, Duck Hunt and Mario Brothers. I laughed so hard I almost peed.  Seriously. TMI oh well.
Bauer liked Duck Hunt too.

This is our morning routine:  Kyler wakes up around 6 or 7am,  I get him out of his crib, feed him, and then I put him in bed next to me while Jared gets ready for school, and every once in a while we both fall asleep. I usually don't let Kyler sleep on our bed, but accidents happen! lol.
Jared took this pic earlier this week. Maybe Kyler doesn't look like me, but I guess he sleeps like me!

Jared is back at school, and is working his way through his 2nd to last semester. Wooohooo!