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02 May 2011

We had such a fun day yesterday!  Our neighbor Kristen babysat Kyler while Jared and I went to the temple!  It felt SOOOO good to be back there.  After the temple, we had dinner at Costa Vida, and had some friends over to watch the edited version of 127 Hours. Then Jared decided it would be fun to play nintendo (yes, the ORIGINAL nintendo.) So we played Track and Field, Duck Hunt and Mario Brothers. I laughed so hard I almost peed.  Seriously. TMI oh well.
Bauer liked Duck Hunt too.

This is our morning routine:  Kyler wakes up around 6 or 7am,  I get him out of his crib, feed him, and then I put him in bed next to me while Jared gets ready for school, and every once in a while we both fall asleep. I usually don't let Kyler sleep on our bed, but accidents happen! lol.
Jared took this pic earlier this week. Maybe Kyler doesn't look like me, but I guess he sleeps like me!

Jared is back at school, and is working his way through his 2nd to last semester. Wooohooo!

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